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Mercury Post Runs with Seoul, Resolve and Blackmagic for Nike Event

Getting 20,000 people to do anything at a single time is a hard task. Getting 20,000 people to actually get together and exercise at the same time is a Herculean task. And that is what Nike has done with their annual Korean “We Run Seoul” campaign.

To build this wildly successful campaign, Nike had to convince a wide range of people, from experienced athletes to beginners, to get up and run. One of the best ways to build excitement for the campaign was through a set of “We Run Seoul” television and cable commercials. And to build these commercials, Nike chose Seoul’s Mercury Post and their DaVinci Resolve suite for color correction.

Mercury Post is one of Korea’s fastest growing post production houses, and handles some of the country’s largest brands, such as Hyundai, as well as global brands such as Nike and Samsung. Located in Seoul, Mercury Post has grown quickly through both the hiring of new artists and editors, in addition to the development of a post production workflow that takes advantages of the latest technology—from the newest film scanning gear, Final Cut Pro and Autodesk suites, RED cameras, DaVinci Resolve and a host of Blackmagic Magic products that help tie everything together.

With that thought in mind, in August Mercury Post became one of the first Korean post houses to offer color correction and 3D grading with the latest version of DaVinci Resolve for Linux. One of the first projects completed with the Resolve was color correction for “We Run Seoul” television and cable spots.

The “We Run Seoul” campaign is about getting more people out and exercising. To highlight this, the campaign’s commercials show a variety of types of people running in different circumstances. Shots were done from a variety of angles and situations, and a variety of visual effects were used to capture the fun and excitement shared by the people participating. All of this required extensive color correction done under tight deadlines.

“Resolve is very flexible compared to any other color corrector, and it is the best color correction system with the most real-time features on the market. We have already begun booking more projects based solely on the promise of what the Resolve can do,” said Mr. Nam ByungWoo, senior colorist at Mercury Post.

Nam, the Nike campaign at Mercury Post, has been in the post production industry as a colorist for nine years, working with many color correction tools before settling on DaVinci Resolve. Beginning his colorist career at Xseoulvision Co. after graduating from Seoul National University, Nam joined Mercury Post and has provided color correction for campaigns for McDonalds and Korail.

For the Nike workflow, the Resolve was used in conjunction with Mercury Post’s RED cameras. Following acquisition, footage was edited on Final Cut Pro and an EDL was imported into Resolve where color correction could begin immediately. From there, footage was sent through the house’s Autodesk Flame for final reworking and compositing.

Nam was able to perform all of the color corrections for the Nike commercials in less than half a day, which fit his tight deadlines perfectly. The color corrections and gradings done for the spots included a wide range of dramatic changes in style and intricate shading and details that required the power and real-time performance of the Resolve.

“For these spots, we were able to run all of our corrections in real-time. The client could easily see the impact of each correction and get a much better feel for the progress of the project and what we at Mercury were capable of. It also allowed us to meet our deadlines on time and easily move onto other projects,” said Nam.

“This was also the first time that we were able to use R3D raw file grading with the Resolve, and it worked perfectly. We were able to really master a RED and Resolve workflow, including EDL imports, batch outputs and power mastering. The ability of Resolve to support RAW R3D files really was a great feature and it greatly improved our efficiency to have the ability to color correct without converting,” Nam continued.

Mercury Post also used a number of other Blackmagic Design products in the completion of the Nike spots, and has incorporated them into the permanent workflow at the facility. Along with Resolve, Mercury Post is currently using the Blackmagic Design Videohub to provide routing capabilities to connect the Resolve, Final Cut Pro and Autodesk suites, a number of Blackmagic Design Mini Converters—including SDI to Analog, SDI to DVI and Sync Generator -- and the Blackmagic Design DVI Extender monitoring solution.

“The simple fact is that business is booming after the Resolve installation. We are 100 percent satisfied with our purchase,” said Mr. Dongsoo Kim, Executive Director at Mercury Post. “With the new version of Resolve, we have already finished three graphic-intensive projects beyond Nike and have booked more projects solely based on the capabilities it gives us. It is a huge competitive advantage for us to be able to say that we have the most powerful color correction capabilities of any post house in Korea.”