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Robert Beadle

Skin Tones, Hues and Color Variances with Go Daddy’s Superbowl Spots at Copper Post

By Robert Beadle, Owner, Copper Post

Domain superpower Go Daddy is known for fun, attention getting commercial spots. And this year’s latest commercial campaign at the 2012 Superbowl featuring Danica Patrick, Jillian Michaels and The Pussycat Dolls was certainly no exception! The company’s commercial spots, ‘Body Paint’ and ‘Cloud’, combined humor and stunning visuals, and included both television spots as well as online story lines.

For color correction, Go Daddy looked to Copper Post, a Phoenix based post production facility with the expertise and the hardware – including DaVinci Resolve – to deliver beautiful skin tones and color hues for “Body Paint” and “Cloud” spots.

Copper Post has been a Resolve user for more than a year, providing color correction for everything from independent films to music videos to international commercial campaigns. The performance and huge range of features in the Resolve have given our color artists the ability to handle any project and deadline.

With the Go Daddy Superbowl project, the spots needed to capture a very specific look and feel that needed to be set by color grading and correction, and the deadlines for the project were incredibly tight. This is where we relied on the performance and extensive features of Davinci Resolve, including the Resolve Control Surface.

With DaVinci Resolve, secondary isolation has a laser focused accuracy, allowing a colorist to address subtle color variances, such as skin tone hues, that other programs simply cannot address with the same level of ease. This was a high priority for Go Daddy’s in house post production team in the commercial spot “Body Paint” featuring Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, as they painted a .CO company logo on Colombian model Natalia Velez.

The contrast between the warm, red tones in Danica’s skin and Jillian’s olive complexion, if left uncorrected, would be distracting. Copper Post’s Colorist/Motion Graphics Artist Nichole Kizer used Resolve to handle secondary isolation to eliminate inconsistencies and address skin tone variation, establishing a balanced frame and mood for the commercial spot.

In Go Daddy’s “Cloud”, secondary isolation was also used to make images set against a blue background “pop” with slight skews to certain color hues. The “reddish” or “greenish” tones that sometimes occur when working with blue were skewed slightly to draw attention to the skin tones and blend shots together more smoothly.

Beyond the massive amount of color corrections on both spots, we were also faced with an
extremely tight deadline. Last minute edits and client revisions happen up until the final moment on most projects, and this was no different for these spots. For Go Daddy’s “Body Paint” and “Cloud” commercial spots, Resolve was a timesaver.

In particular, Resolve’s ability to load a new EDL/XML and maintain all of the grades, plus it’s seamless integration with Final Cut Pro kept the project moving forward, kept the client happy  during a hectic approval process.

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