Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Elegant portable solution for professional shooting

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is the world’s most portable Ultra HD 4K camera! The beautiful machined aluminum design is both lightweight and incredibly strong, so you can now shoot at 4K resolution in virtually any location with a camera you can hold in your hands! The design features a cinematic Super 35 size sensor, EF lens mount, built in SSD recorder, 5" touchscreen LCD, plus incredible 6G-SDI output.

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Ef -lenses

EF Compatible Lens Mount

Choose from the world's best lens crafters

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K features an EF compatible lens mount, so you can use the highest quality optics from leading lens crafters like Canon™, Zeiss™ and more. With so many EF compatible lenses you have the freedom to switch between prime and zoom lenses depending upon your shot. The camera has a large Super 35 size sensor and global shutter. You can even use super wide angle EF lenses to get the most amazing panoramic images with virtually no crop!

Design -elegance

Elegant Design

A design that feels great to use

Every aspect of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K has been meticulously designed so that you get beautiful high resolution images with a camera that feels great to shoot with! By using standard connections, universally compatible file formats and commonly available storage media, nothing is restrictive and the camera fits perfectly into your post production workflow! Attaching additional equipment such as an electronic view finder, microphone or camera support system is easy using the multiple 1/4” thread mounts on the top and bottom of the camera.


Capacitive Touchscreen

Responsive touchscreen lets you type in metadata

The high resolution touchscreen LCD is an integral part of the camera design. In addition to focusing and monitoring your shots the capacitive display is used for metadata entry and to adjust camera settings. This design eliminates complicated camera controls and menu systems. The time saving benefits of entering metadata directly into the camera files saves hours of separate logging and means you get a camera that’s been designed with your post production workflow in mind.


Standard Connections

Everything you need


Blackmagic Production Camera 4K uses standard connections that are conveniently located on one side of the camera. All connections are protected by rubber hoods to keep them       clean from dust and dirt when not in use. With standard connections you never need to buy custom cables and if you forget to take a cable with you it’s easy to source a replacement. The camera includes a Thunderbolt connection so you can connect to a computer and use the included UltraScope software for on set scopes!

Built in SSD Recording

Handles high resolution video


Many cameras are designed to use proprietary storage media and file formats, which can both increase your storage costs and slow down the post production process. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K features a built in SSD recorder for removable disks. These standard 2.5” solid state drives are fast, readily available from computer stores and constantly reducing in cost. Because the camera’s video and audio capture is synchronized within the ProRes 422 (HQ) file you can take files easily into post production.


Flexible Power Options

Wide 12V to 30V DC input plus a built in battery!


The inclusion of an internal rechargeable battery makes the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K a truly portable high resolution camera. You get up to 90 minutes of recording time from the battery and the remaining power information is shown in the data strip at the bottom of the picture. The wide input voltage of 12-30V means you can connect external professional battery packs that will let you operate the camera longer whilst recharging the internal battery at the same time.