Take a closer look at Videohub software

Videohub has the world's most attractive, flexible and fastest to use software control panels. Videohub software control panels include multiple views so you can choose the software control that's best for your work. It's easy to customize router labels, or even use pushbuttons with icons of your post production equipment. We even include a free developer SDK so you can integrate Videohub into large broadcast facilities, or custom systems!



Your destinations are all neatly placed within the lower panel.


Connections On

Your connections are shown when illuminated in gold.


Great Icons

Includes a suite of great icons to make navigation quicker.


See Status

Each button can have its status changed or locked.


Lock Connections

A grey lock symbol indicates another user has locked this destination.



Your sources are all neatly placed within an easy to navigate top panel.


Flexible Router Control

If you've ever wanted total flexibility in controlling router connections, then nothing beats using software control panels. Each router destination output has a menu with all the source inputs listed. Simply select which source you want to connect to a destination, and the connection is made. Serial ports are similar, however because they are bidirectional, connected ports dim until disconnected. Communication direction can be changed on any control port allowing editing systems or decks to be connected. You can also change settings on any shared computer, with each destination being locked simply by clicking the little padlock icon.


Pushbutton View

Blackmagic Design's Pushbutton View router control software is the fastest and most intuitive way to control the Videohub router. With a library of elegant icon buttons that represent most common post production equipment, it's easy to have a router control that looks just like your facility. Pushbutton View can handle multiple pages of sources and destinations, which allows users to navigate whole pages of buttons for a massive 550 sources and 110 destinations. Being a push button interface, Pushbutton View is also designed to work on touchscreen monitors for the most fluid routing you'll ever experience.


Router Control View

Blackmagic Design's Router Control View is a different way to manage the Videohub router. Using configurable labels, Router Control View is perfect for system administrators wanting to pre-configure and label all the connections for your facility. With easy to use pull-down menus, Main Router Control View allows you to see all connections to the router, including the directions of device control.


Personal Router Views

Router control software features six separate control windows so you'll have amazing flexibility on how you use Videohub. Use the main router control window to see every connection on the router. If you're only using a few of the router outputs, then you can use the personal router window that lets you limit your view to the few connections you really need to use. This means you get a much smaller interface window that won't get in the way of other software, such as editing or design tools.


Greater Customized Control with SDK

For all 3Gb/s SDI Videohubs, Blackmagic Design has a free Software Development Kit (SDK). By using the Videohub SDK, any developer can now easily add extra protocol support for integration into other large routing infrastructures. In addition to system integrators who are building custom video systems, you can now design custom interfaces and web interfaces. Blackmagic Design's new Videohub SDK supports industry standard C++ and includes all libraries, software sample code and documentation.


Network Sharing

All communication between router software and the router is via your IP network, such as ethernet and even wireless. Videohub connects to any host computer via USB, and is then shared over the network from that computer. You don't even need to run the Videohub software on the host computer as the network sharing is done at the driver level. Any computer can be the host simply by plugging in the USB from the router. This keeps sharing simple and eliminates the need for a dedicated host computer.With video routing this simple, it's time to get connected with Videohub and allow everyone to share decks and other resources in your facility.

Micro Videohub 16 x 16 3G-SDI 1 RU router with ethernet router control. $1,495 Find Reseller
Smart Videohub 16 x 16 3G-SDI 1 RU router with front panel buttons and ethernet control. $1,995 Find Reseller
Studio Videohub 16 x 32 3G-SDI and 16 deck control 2 RU router with USB hosted ethernet control. $2,995 Find Reseller
Compact Videohub 40 x 40 3G-SDI 2 RU router with ethernet router control. $2,995 Find Reseller
Broadcast Videohub 72 x 144 3G-SDI and 72 deck control 8 RU router with USB hosted ethernet control. $14,995 Find Reseller
Videohub Smart Control 40 button control panel for XY or single destination control. Supports ethernet. $495 Find Reseller
Videohub Master Control Spin knob and direct entry control panel with LCD status. Supports ethernet. $695 Find Reseller
GPI and Tally Interface Add GPI control with tally to Videohub router with 8 GPI inputs & 8 tally outputs $495 Find Reseller