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Special Olympics Project

In order to help capture the spirit of the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games, Anchorfield created short films documenting the creation of several murals and highlighting the athletes’ hard work and dedication to their sports with Blackmagic cameras.

Forever Remembered

DaVinci Resolve Studio was used to edit and color grade UHD video footage as part of the Kennedy Space Center's “Forever Remembered” memorial honoring fallen astronauts.


20 Pocket Cinema Cameras were used to capture some of the largest spectacles and explosions in MythBusters’ history from every possible angle.

Zihua Creative

The creative team from Zihua Creative, a Chinese creative learning platform, completed an experimental suspense short film using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.


A powerfully emotional story, it depicts the struggle of British women for suffrage at the turn of the century. Colorist Rob Pizzey and cinematographer Eduard Grau discuss the importance of grain management when working with Super 16mm film

Canada’s Banger Films

For Family Channel’s “Gaming Show (In My Parent’s Garage), Banger Films built a Blackmagic workflow to record footage and gaming content with Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Processor, HyperDeck Shuttles,HyperDeck Studio Pro and an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher.

London Live

London Live has built a state of the art broadcast facility from scratch to meet its remit as the local broadcaster for a capital city. We go behind the scenes to understand how Blackmagic Design infrastructure plays a vital role for both studio and OB productions.

L’eSpace’s Live Concerts

Tokyo’s LeSpace Vision builds a new live concert recording and post production service for some of Japan’s biggest bands around Blackmagic Design’s HyperDeck Studio Pros and  MultiView 16.

Of Monsters and Men

Icelandic production company Tjarnargatan take us behind the scenes on Of Monsters and Men’s latest series of lyric videos filmed with Blackmagic Design’s digital film cameras.

Shooting VFX Plates

In Tokyo and Toronto at the same time! Canada’s Master Key goes around the world to shoot VFX plates for NBC’s New “Heroes Reborn” Mini Series.

Midnight Swim

The genre bending new film Midnight Swim goes from faux doc to sweeping cinematic feature with Blackmagic cameras and Resolve.

To Be Funny

Tracing Buster Keaton’s Enduring Fame and Resurgence.

Americas Cup World Series

Fonix LED Ltd take us behind the scenes on the Americas Cup for the opening regatta of the 2017 cycle, and discusses the critical role that Blackmagic’s live production infrastructure played in this major sporting spectacle.

AIMA Films

Mexico’s AIMA Films creates global TV spots as works of art with Blackmagic cameras and DaVinci Resolve.

Belly of Dragon

An official selection of Cambodia International Film Festival, shot by a two-person crew on a “zero" budget with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Sun Yat-sen U.

Sun Yat-sen University TV Station: Professional broadcasting with volunteers and a full Blackmagic Design workflow.

Imagine Dragons

Internationally acclaimed band uses Pocket Cinema Cameras and ATEM switcher to connect with fans on recently launched Twitch channel.

Converting Ant-Man

Prime Focus World’s senior stereo supervisor Richard Baker reveals how the team worked with miniature scale in Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster starring Paul Rudd, “Ant-Man”.

Singapore’s Bill Ong

Bill Ong discusses how he used Pocket Cinema Cameras on his award winning film looking at Singapore’s traditions and heritage. 

Popeyes Chicken

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen’s national spots graded with DaVinci Resolve Studio by Austin’s Tone Visuals.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Michelle Pizanis talks about her use of Blackmagic cameras on some of 2015’s biggest hollywood blockbusters, including Mad Max: Fury Road and Furious 7.

‘Crickets Would Sing’

DaVinci Resolve used to color grade and edit the stop motion animated film.

Amy Winehouse Documentary

Company 3’s Paul Ensby discusses his role as the colorist in the making of this extraordinary documentary film on the British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse.

Election Night Live

Veteran Sky News presenter and producer Martin Stanford reveals why the broadcaster decided to take its viewers behind the scenes on election night and how an ATEM live production workflow was integral to the broadcast.

SBS Medianet

Korea’s SBS Medianet broadcasts across a number of stations and Internet platforms in both China and Korea with Blackmagic Design’s Universal Videohub.

MLS and Blackmagic

Major League Soccer and the Columbus Crew SC soccer club use Blackmagic cameras to produce MLS Insider and other video content for US soccer fans.

Mtime, China’s largest film web portal and promotion company, built a multi-cam live production and broadcast system around Blackmagic products to connect Hollywood stars with fans across China.

Woodlands Baptist Church

Texas’s Woodland First Baptist Church Grows its AV workflow with Blackmagic Design to match its growth to Mega Church and to connect its campuses.

Nestlé Japan “Nestlé Amuse Home Theater”

Nestlé Amuse Home Theater provides short films shown around the world, including a new campaign to get people to go out and enjoy great films.

The Gadget Show Live

For the 5th Gadget Show Live, Fonix was once again the main supplier chosen to supply LED screens and full live production workflow for the UK's biggest consumer electronics show, based on Channel 5's popular TV show.

Media City

Tokyo’s Media City’s Shinagawa Studio completes dubbing, conversions and overseas production and post services with Teranex 2D Processor.

Lee Joon-gi’s ’Together’

Pop icon Lee Joon-gi’s new ‘Together’ tour’s live production workflow built around the ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher by Beijing’s Zhongshi Tiankuo Studio.

The Theory of Everything

Mission Digital’s Christopher Nunn shares his experiences as an onset DIT on the Oscar winning smash, and how his on set grading with DaVinci Resolve empowered DoP Benoît Delhomme to make cinematic choices.

EXILE ni Naritai Otoko

Tokyo based streaming TV station, NOTTV, created a new comedy series, and Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and DaVinci Resolve took a vital role to give them the cinematic look they needed.

Hao Shuai PSA

Hao Shuai, director of “33 Days of A Stray”, devotes himself to advocating kindness to animals with the power of the camera in his hands.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Featuring bulletproof umbrellas and watches that shoot amnesia darts, suave heroes and megalomaniacal villains, George Richmond talks about his time on set during the filming of Kingsman, and why he chose Blackmagic Design cameras.

Fusion on Mockingjay

Hunger Games Catching Fire and Mockingjay editor opens up about using Fusion Studio on his latest films.

A Tale of Love and Darkness

Natalie Portman’s directorial debut gets a special screening at the 68th Cannes Festival. We talk to DP Slawomir Idziak and his DIT Lukasz Baka about how they used Blackmagic’s Pocket Cinema Camera during production.

Love is Blind

British short “Love is Blind” directed by Dan Hodgson is in competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival, nominated for a Short Film Palme d’or'. Arthur Graham-Maw talks about his use of DaVinci Resolve during the online edit and grade of this new comedy.

The Lobster

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos already has one Cannes win under his belt and will return to the 2015 festival with ‘The Lobster’. We speak to DaVinci Resolve colorist and long time collaborist Tony Ford about the meticulous approach to color grading this dystopian love story.

Fusen Ucyu Project

Keisuke Iwaya and Raita Naka talk about their project, Fusen Uchyu, which sends a camera into orbit using a ballon to record beautiful images above the atmosphere.

Inhance Digital and Fusion

Inhance Digital’s Eddie Robison talks about creating some of televisions most amazing VFX shots on shows such as Grimm, Nashville and Jane The Virgin.

Brazil’s 'Lili a Ex'

Brazil’s largest production company shoots TV Globo’s popular television show ‘Lili A Ex’ with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras.

Prime Ministers

Moriah Films brings Yehudi Avner’s best selling book to life with ‘Prime Ministers’ using Teranex and DaVinci Resolve.


Japanese traditional performing art Bunraku, which has a 300 year history, merged with Vocaloid, one today’s icons of digital technology.

Bob and the Trees

Sundance Film Festival premiere uses Pocket Cinema Camera for a “fly on the wall” approach to filming.

Bascule Inc.

Tokyo’s Bascule develops interactive Massive Interactive Entertainment System with Blackmagic’s UltraStudio, HyperDeck and ATEM product lines. Cannes Lions award winning system lets smart phones used by an audience to be displayed on TV in realtime.

China’s Top Show

Color correction on China’s Hit “Where Are we Going Dad?” completed by Beijing’s 24DI on DaVinci Resolve.

Superbowl Doritos Spot

Ryan Thomas Anderson Colors 2014 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Winning Ad Using DaVinci Resolve.

Vieilles Charrues

French Music Festivals with Sombrero & Co: Event production specialist Sombrero & Co is using a Blackmagic Design live production workflow for some of Europe’s biggest music festivals.

Haz Dulull

VFX supervisor turned filmmaker Hasraf (HaZ) Dulull shoots his latest high concept SciFi thriller SYNC exclusively on Blackmagic Design cameras.


Digital Intermediate Colorist Mark Griffith uses DaVinci Resolve for the 4K DI of the “Oklahoma!” restoration project.

Ben Walter and Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Ben Walter shoots with Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and grades in Resolve for “Pink Zone,” a dystopian future film being shown around the world.

Exploring Musical Genres

Award winning French writer, producer and performer, Polérik Rouvière, talks about filming his exploration of the electro folk scene, through alter ego Ulrich Forman, on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Arsenal Media Group

Arsenal Media Group (AMG) delivers a three hour live production of the FA Cup trophy parade and plays out on a 100m2 mobile LED screen with a workflow built around the ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K and Smart Videohub 4K.

Hirotaka Takada

Honda and NTT Communication’s new commercials shot by Hirotaka Takada using Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Mel Brooks

Shapeshifter Post uses Teranex 2D Processor and DaVinci Resolve color correction on Mel Brooks documentary.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Steve Beganyi uses DaVinci Resolve to create a completely unique look for each episode of “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” that captures and enhances the feeling and theme of the specific location and trip.

Australian Cinémathèque

Located at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), the Australian Cinémathèque relies on Blackmagic Design as the backbone for its year round screening program, corporate A/V and live streaming lectures.

Hunger TV

Hunger TV recently shot two editorial films showcasing collections of iconic fashion houses Prada and Louis Vuitton. Directed by Rankin, colorist Simona Harrison was enlisted to enhance the glamour and sophistication associated with both brands using DaVinci Resolve.

The First Musketeer

Director of Photography Neil Oseman takes us behind the scenes of filming on The First Musketeer. Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, this origin story explores the early lives of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

The Anomaly

Colorist Pat Wintersgill reveals how DaVinci Resolve was used on Sci Fi epic "The Anomaly” to enrich the deep blues of the laboratory, the bright, popping sunlight of futuristic New York, and the sleazy, gloomy reds of a downtown brothel.

Drunken Dragon

Drunken Dragon Productions Shoots on Blackmagic Cinema Camera for new film, “Eyes of Silence.“

20 Feet From Stardom

Tremolo Productions uses Blackmagic Design’s Teranex 2D Processor and DaVinci Resolve color correction.

World Archery Federation

A Blackmagic Design flyaway kit covers all the action at the World Archery Federation's competitions across the globe, producing live content for major sports broadcasters.

Iska Dhaaf

The video for the new single “Everybody Knows” by Seattle based duo Iska Dhaaf features a cameo by rapper Macklemore and was shot on two Blackmagic Cinema Cameras (MFT) and colored on DaVinci Resolve.


French national newspaper L’Equipe produce a weekly live web series, entitled Chats Video Orange-Ligue 1, featuring interviews with players, managers and club owners involved in France’s top flight football league.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

To help develop the look for the film The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson turned to Supervising Digital Colorist at Modern VideoFilm Jill Bogdanowicz, who was up to the challenge.

Def Tech

Def Tech is a popular vocal duo who have sold more than 2 million copies of their debut album as an indie artist and continue to break records for album sales by independent artists in Japan.

America Unearthed

Michael Sandness relies on Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, Teranex 2D standards converter processor and DeckLink capture and playback card for the H2 Channel’s “America Unearthed” TV series.


MaTele's innovative ‘Citybus’, housing a mobile studio built entirely with Blackmagic Design products is broadcasting local news and features from the heart of a community in northern France.


Blackmagic Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve deliver cinematic footage at an affordable cost for independent filmmaker Samuel Jacob's "Hardland."

Swansea City AFC

Swansea City Association Football Club (AFC) has revamped the AV capabilities of its ground, the Liberty Stadium, thanks to technology from Blackmagic Design.


Alternative rock band Placebo recently shot a live studio set of its new album on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Filmed at the famous Rak Studios, the 40 minute session features as bonus material on the band’s latest album, Loud Like Love.

Captain Phillips

Four years after it made headlines, the ordeal of commercial shipping captain Richard Phillips gets the big screen treatment care of Paul Greengrass in Captain Phillips. Colorist Rob Pizzey talks about the challenge of grading the films big day for night climax.

Europa League Final

Amsterdam Arena played host to the 2013 UEFA Europe League Final. Televised to an audience of over 175 million, Martijn Swart from Broadcast Rental in the Netherlands talks in more detail about the technical requirements of delivering a broadcast signal to 20 different broadcasters.

Aston Villa FC

Aston Villa Football Club's multimedia operations manager provide an insight into how the Premiership team has upgraded its inhouse broadcast and production capabilities with the help of Blackmagic Design.

Model Wife

Blackmagic Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve help step up the production value on the comedic web series Model Wife.


Tokyo based production company MAGES. holds MIKUPA live event with help from Blackmagic Design.

Peaky Blinders

A blindingly good grade Rushes’ Simone Grattarola used DaVinci Resolve to meticulously grade BBC2’s forthcoming gangster drama, Peaky Blinders, which is set in the lawless slum neighborhoods of post war Birmingham. Its look was inspired by classic 70‘s Westerns.

AJ Hackett Macau Tower

AJ Hackett Macau Tower has built the most technologically advanced bungy site in the world and offers the video recording of this once in a lifetime experience for bungy jumpers.

Marc Linnhoff

French cinematographer Marc Linnhoff shares his experience of shooting a narrative music video for dubstep producer Broad Rush on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF.

The Berlin File

Colorist Park Jin-Young turned Berlin from a beautiful city to a depressing cold place and created a secretive and gloomy atmosphere for Korean action auteur Ryu Seung-wan's The Berlin File.

Paul Provost provides color correcting and grading, finishing and mastering from his Hollywood based 4K Finish studio, which was built around DaVinci Resolve color correction software, DeckLink capture and playback cards and Teranex 2D Processor for standards conversion and capture and playback.

Xiamen University

As China’s first university to offer degrees in communication, Xiamen University upgraded their communication lab center so students can prepare for careers in real world broadcast and post facilities.


KiBAN International gives everyone the opportunity to teach or learn at a low cost using video technology.

Dead Man's Lake

Colorist Patrick Inhofer relies on DaVinci Resolve to color grade short film horror anthology, including 'Dead Man's Lake.'


Tokyo based IMAGICA uses DaVinci Resolve as a core of production workflow. Resolve is not just a grading tool but serves as an image quality control tool for all digital media at IMAGICA.

AGIPI Billiard Masters 2013

Live from Schiltigheim, the AGIPI Billiard Masters 2013 brings together the world’s elite three cushion billiards players to compete for the championship title. Le Kar broadcasts the event to major sporting television networks and websites around the globe.

Camera Diner

Live from Oxford, England, web show Camera Diner brings viewers a unique look at the latest in film and still camera technology, as well as exclusive interviews with some of the imaging world’s biggest names and brands.

Graduate Fashion Week 2013

Graduate Fashion Week 2013 showcased the work of more than 1,000 graduates from some of the most influential universities. This year the official production partner, Fashion Scout International, stepped up the shows video production quality with Blackmagic Design.

Kimberley Walsh

Pop star Kimberley Walsh’s debut single “One Day I’ll Fly Away” gets an artistic overhaul in less than 48 hours by Sequence Post’s Rob Bates. Using DaVinci Resolve’s powerful toolset and intuitive interface, he was able to craft a dramatic Hollywood finish.

Plan B Feature

London based colorist at Smoke & Mirrors, Dan Moran, creates key looks and a special ‘fire grade’ for Plan B’s ‘Playing with Fire’ music video using DaVinci Resolve’s powerful tool set.


Gavin Fisher uses Blackmagic Cinema Camera and DaVinci Resolve for "Rebelz" music video.

Snow Guardians

DaVinci Resolve and HyperDeck Shuttle are used to help tell the heroic story of the "Snow Guardians" ski patrol in Bozeman, Montana.

Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police enhances their distance learning program for police offers with high quality broadcast technology from Blackmagic Design. Head of Television Production, David Buckley explains why the upgrade to their HD television studio was important to the program.

Family Harvest Church

Blackmagic Design helps Family Harvest Church share its mission with the community via a television show, online videos, live streaming and a complete A/V system.

Waiting for Lightning

Blackmagic Design helps Bandito Brothers bring legendary skateboarder Danny Way's story to life.

Ehrlich Brothers

Germany's answer to David Copperfield, the Ehrlich Brothers, talk about their critically acclaimed roadshow across Germany, The Factory of Dreams. But what does it take to make the impossible, the seeming unimaginable, possible? Chris Ehrlich provides a behind the scenes peek.


EWTN relies on seven Teranex 2D Processors for up conversion, aspect ratio conversion, frame syncs and PAL to NTSC standards conversion.

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup

The 2013 Ski World Cup in Schladming is one of the most anticipated events of the winter sports calendar. K-Two Communications provides a unique behind the scenes look how they deliver Fan-TV, a part of the spectator experience.

The Doomsday Party

VJ, Hao Dapeng designed a VJ system around ATEM for the "Doomsday" party with 500 attendees, launched by top Chinese new media artists at the end of 2011 at Top Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai.

Nico Nico Cho-kaigi

For 2 days in April, more than 92,000 excited video producers and consumers filled Makuhari Messe, Chiba, for the inaugural Nico Nico “Cho-kaigi,” or meet up. The party was thrown by Tokyo based Niwango Inc, a subsidiary of Dwango. Co.Ltd.


Tony D'Amore of Los Angeles based post production company Encore is using DaVinci Resolve for color grading on CBS’ hit television show “Elementary.”

Ensworth High School

ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher enabled Ensworth High School to broadcast HD footage of football games to a 28'x16' video board at the school and online to fans across the country on a limited budget.

Prison System Video Production Unit

A new video studio helps John Baumchen create educational and training videos, which help wardens and correctional officers acquire and maintain subject matter expertise in their functional areas.

Andy Roddick Foundation

Production company The Delivery Men took the Andy Roddick Foundation's “This Is” promotional film from concept to completion, using DaVinci Resolve 9 color correction software during post production to enhance the emotion of the film.


When electronic/synth pop band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) asked Tokyo’s Groundiddim production company to handle all of the live video aspects of the group’s recent performance at the Fuji Rock Festival, Groundiddim of course jumped at the chance.

Euro Cup Coca-Cola

Jalal Jemison brings intense and vibrant color to Coca-Cola’s 2012 Euro Cup “Spirit of the Euro” commercial with DaVinci Resolve.

Groningen Audio Visueel Archief (GAVA)

Restoring and archiving film can be a very labor intensive process. René Duursma, curator of AV at Groningen Audio Visueel Archief (GAVA) talks about the file based workflow they have achieved using Blackmagic Design infrastructure.


IcarusNet Technical Director, Giovanni Benassi, talks about Italy's first entirely electric OB van, with a behind the scenes look at the workflow used and how Blackmagic Design was used.

Northview Church

Indiana's Northview Church builds massive new AV installation and launches four new satellite campuses while moving to a complete HD operation. 

Big Brother Australia

Rod Morris uses the ATEM 2 M/E Production Switcher to drive content on Big Brother Australia's massive 26 by 14 ft. LED screen, which is the centerpiece of the main stage during its live broadcasts.


Alex Joseski and Jonathan Burton of Alex and Jono Films help RMIT University create an uncompressed stereoscopic 3D HD video library, one of the largest publicly available for 3D research.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

The Film Bakery creates a moving public service announcement for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service's annual charity ball.

Omroep Gelderland

Dutch broadcaster Omroep Gelderland builds bespoke OB van for daily news broadcasts and local programing.  Senior Editor Theo Kooijmans explains the importance of mobile solutions in meeting programming demands.


Pocatello, Idaho’s Public Access Television department relies on Blackmagic Design to build a new SDI based onsite and portable studio to support every part of Pocatello’s public access capabilities.


MTV used Teranex video processing technology for 3D screening of “2012 MTV Video Music Awards” (VMAs). Recorded live at STAPLES Center, MTV simultaneously broadcast VMAs in 3D to 600 fans at nearby Regal Cinemas’ L.A. LIVE Theater.


Blacklist Productions was involved from start to finish in Skechers’ GOrun ride spot, supplying cameras and handling color grading and finishing in house with DaVinci Resolve.

The Rich Dad Company

Financial education expert and founder of The Rich Dad Company, Robert Kiyosaki connects with fans around the globe with a free Livestream presentation and the UltraStudio 3D. 

Hollyoaks Later

Fifth series of E4 Spin off Hollyoaks Later Graded on DaVinci Resolve. Colorist Zeb Chadfield talks about the creative vision of Director Alex Kalymnios and how they replicated the look of film.

Harbor Picture Company

Harbor Picture Company completes editing and color correction on Coldplay and Rihanna’s music video “Princess of China.”

King Edward High School

In building a high definition multi camera workflow, KEHS found it needed a video switching solution that allowed its students to cut school theater productions live. 

Super TV

Technical Director Illario Crotti of Super TV talks through the Bresican stations shift to digital broadcasting. Knowing first hand the quality and reliability of Blackmagic, Super TV settled on a solution built around Videohub and ATEM.

The Curse

Colorist Jason R Moffat talks about the grading of Fyzal Boulifa's short film The Curse. Premiered at Directors Fortnight, the feature piece was awarded the Premier Prix Illy for Short Filmaking accolade. 

Optix Digital Pictures

Dubai based post production company, Optix Digital Pictures, grades award winning Sci-fi film The Intruder! which has proved to be a festival favorite and has received recognition from the Abu Dhabi, USA and Mexico independent film festival circuits.

Cookie Monster

Colorist and online editor, Juan Salvo uses Resolve 9 for finishing and color correction on the wildly popular Cookie Monster music video spoof of the Carly Rae Jepsen song “Call Me Maybe.”

Fairway Corporation

Being enthusiastic about building their own equipment and systems, Fairway Corpration don't hesitate to customize products if they believe it will  ensure service always meets their clients' needs.

Seattle Opera

Bob Bonniol recreates the drama and beauty of the Seattle Opera’s Madama Butterfly with a simulcast for 8,000 fans.

Inferno Records

Pop music singer, songwriter and producer Killian Wells made the most of modern technology when he founded Inferno Records, putting a new spin on the outdated record label business model.

Go Daddy

Phoenix's Copper Post owner Robert Beadle goes over the color correction done for Go Daddy's fun and attention grabbing commercial spots. 


Veteran colorist Masaki Niboshi of Osaka based IMAGICA WEST details the move to nonlinear color correction and how to use DaVinci Resolve to grade older films. 

Assembly of God

Keeping 30 groups and 1,000 members around the world tied together as a single community. Florida's Assembly of God Church connects congretions with live events, live broadcasts and high end productions.

Film Bakery

This Sydney post house teamed up with Qantas to turn more than 90 years of archived footage into an independent documentary. “Qantas: From the Outback to the World” is now airing on The History Channel.

Creative Technology Dubai

Internationally renowned staging and events company, Creative Technology Dubai, brings the biggest acts and sporting events to the UAE. Video technician, Nick Toale, explains how using the latest technology is key for high profile live events.


No mountain is too high for French AV production company, Festivisuel. The company’s technical director, Simon Gerland, gives a behind the scenes look at the technical set up for national climbing competitions.

Goethe University

Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany has developed and deployed mobile recording systems for capturing lectures and live events in spaces, which are not equipped with their own permanent facilities.

Sling Baby

Color correction for the original 30 second spot which aired during the most watched US television broadcast ever and took home a million dollar cash prize as the winner of Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest.


Russia's Metrafilm goes between Moscow and Los Angeles and perfects remote color grading with moving 'From Tokyo' independent short film.

Owen Imagery

Aaron Owen, owner of Owen Imagery, relies on his portable, powerful and efficient setup to offer post supervision and online editing services to any client, anywhere.

Principal Photo

Principal Photo, run by a fourth generation pilot, is an aviation cinematography and photography firm that takes to the skies to capture the artistic essence of planes like the historical Lockheed T-33.

The Courier

Louisiana's Films in Motion and colorist Omar Godinez give a blockbuster look on a tight budget to Oscar nominated Hany Abu-Assad's upcoming film 'The Courier'.


Many traditional broadcast outlets don’t have the demanding schedule that Texas High School’s TigerVision has. The student run program pumps out daily cable programming and streamed content.

Ray Roman Films

Cinematographer Ray Roman and his boutique studio, Ray Roman Films, are recognized around the world for using top of the line equipment to transform real world events into cinematic pieces of art.

Digital Egg

Tokyo's Digital Egg has been adding new commercial clients and projects, including their first feature film, with the help of a new file based workflow which includes the addition of color correction for the first time in the post house's history.

Oxegen Festival

John Moriarty and his team at Setanta Screens took a gamble when they put Blackmagic Design’s ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher to the test at Ireland’s biggest music festival.

Manchester City Football

Manchester City Football Club brings an amazing match day experience to fans in stadium and at their outside City Square area, as well as creating weekly programs distributed to international broadcasters.

Jake Blackstone, in conjunction with Moscow's MetraFilms, has built a thriving color correction business built around a real time, remote color correction workflow, with customers including Burger King and Megafone.

Academy of Art University

AAU offers two advanced color grading courses and a hands on telecine class, with a Masters class coming soon. Curricle may vary, but the tools remain the same.

Building an all in one production company, from shooting to color correction to mastering, at Japan's

The Louvre

Iconic le Louvre museum, located in Paris, refurbishes their auditorium's audiovisual infrastructure over a three year period, implementing the latest technology and optical fiber.

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

This multi site church offers something for everyone, from contemporary to traditional, but broadcasts the same sermon to all five sets of weekend services.

Live on Air: Elbow 3D

London's Soho based James Willet completes 3D grade and color correction in only 2 days for Brit and Mercury Award winning artist Elbow's first 3D concert video.


This Italian creative firm describes their offerings as "brains for your brand". Many household names have been smartening up with Unichrome's variety of services and reputation for quality.

ScheffTech Productions

From Friday night football to live corporate events, ScheffTech needed to build a new HD mobile production truck to meet a variety of live broadcasting needs in Illinois.

China Esports Center

China Esports Center promotes itself by offering high quality live broadcasts and VOD of esports contests, creating commercial value and growing the development of esports in China.

University of Washington

University of Washington and the National Science Foundation's technology intensive expedition assessed the ongoing installation of a high power and high bandwidth underwater observatory.

Matchpoint Studios

Matchpoint LiveStreamed 10 hours of programming to over 2,500 viewers, the biggest continuous live web broadcast of a Florida convention in history.

Daisuke Shimada

Surrounded by analog TVs of varying size, Daisuke Shimada produces many kinds of unique, visually inspiring art with both analog and digital gear.

Gotham Girls

Do It Your self, Skater Operated Gotham Girls Roller Derby League bring their fans action and great live production, live streaming and re broadcasts with every match.

Samson Productions

Samson Productions tackles the task of bringing together thousands of people at traditional Indian and Pakistani weddings through live event videography, photography and live streaming.


Well known Chinese director Chen Kaige sacrificed time for postproduction of his ‘Sacrifice’ film to meet deadlines while still maintaining quality.


Ty Evans has filmed skaters in amazing locales and circumstances. But Unbeleafable brought a new challenge beyond skating. Capture skaters in 3D and building a 3D workflow on a budget.

Les Machineurs

This year’s ‘Hello Demain’ exhibition in Paris saw the first Orange film in 4K at 60 frames per second (fps), produced by Les Machineurs, which showcased the intensity of the French Open.

Boston University

Innovation is a must at BU's College of Communication, where studios are used by hundreds of students and faculty for course and extracurricular work.

New Psalmist Baptist Church

Minister Joshua Thomas enhanced the worship experience for New Psalmist Baptist Church's Congregation with a full HD AV system for their new sanctuary, the Holy City of Zion.

Laugh At My Pain

Color grading "Laugh At My Pain", a feature film of comedian Kevin Hart's stand up, biographical content and interview footage, was no laughing matter for Hollywood-DI.

Panasonic Visuals

Panasonic Visuals, a leader in post production in Japan, are keen on obtaining the latest technology and searching for ways to work in 2K/4K and stereoscopic 3D.

Hangman Studios

London’s Hangman Studio’s James Tonkin embraces new technology to create music videos, commercials and films, from Robbie Williams and The Libertines to T-Mobile.

Gekkan HD Users

Japan's middle-range video creators gathered and launched the Ustream channel Gekkan HD Users and delivers latest and useful information of video equipments.


Hollywood-DI completed color correction on two independent feature films with different looks and feel: “Guido” and “And They’re Off.”


With an office in a tree house, Jakarta-based full service production boutique Cinemasphere adds color correction and the ability to remotely grade across continents.

DigitalFilm Tree

LA's DigitalFilm Tree and owner Ramy Katrib have found a way to achieve the velocity of an episodic workflow for their prime time clients without compromising stability.

Copper Post

Niki Petta, a Colorist/Motion Graphics Artist at Copper Post, has grown with the full service post facility as it has expanded its toolset, improved its workflow, and increased efficiency.

Cougar Town

DigitalFilm Tree meets the weekly deadlines of completing color correction on Cougar Town, a weekly sitcom famous for its bright styles and colors.

Proshow Broadcast

Proshow Broadcast grew from an audio company that supported entertainment and broadcast events, to directly servicing the broadcast industry and mobile sports business with HD trucks.

Stereo3D Unlimited

Stereographer Tim Dashwood has seen the nature of 3D shooting and monitoring change, and his company Stereo3D Unlimited has found a way to connect production and post.

Real Steel

Glenn Derry offers a behind the scenes look at the production of Dreamworks' "Real Steel" and his creation of the Simulcam, a tool bringing augmented reality on set.


Creating groundbreaking music videos and designing a new production and post production facility in Tokyo to offer one stop services for audio, video and graphics built around a hybrid workflow.


Long time film and video editors Li Zhixiong and Wang Shanna have been part of the changing nature of color correction as the China Agriculture Film and TV Center has made the move to digital filmmaking.

Shirogumi Inc.

Japan’s Shirogumi Inc. uses multi studio postproduction workflow to save the world through the creation of a flood of CG and VFX for ‘Tomica Hero Rescue Fire.’

Japan's Video-Tech

From meeting the increase in production and post using HDMI gear to the explosion of 3D content, Japan’s Video-Tech prides itself on staying ahead of trends and demands.

BBC One ‘Motorway Cops’

BBC One’s ‘Motorway Cops’ exposes the day to day experiences of UK police people. To finish the series, Chris Pitbladdo handled editing, grading and even filming episodes.

Vodafone ‘Power to You’

Vodafone’s ‘Power to You’ campaign is brought to life by Berlin post production facility, PICTORION Das Werk. Franz Lustig, DoP, chose Das Werk to create a big screen look, while keeping a natural feel.

BBC One ‘Moving On’

Juggling a huge amount of production and post work required on BBC One’s ‘Moving On’, Patrick Hall, Head of Post at LA Productions, turned to his iPad and new routing technology.

Smoke and Mirrors

With HSBC’s latest international campaign, London’s Smoke & Mirrors had to develop a 24X7 color correction workflow that allowed them to remotely grade commercials across the world.


DRIVE4COPD is a multi-year public health initiative aimed at gaining the attention and support of Americans everywhere, with help from Billy Ray Cyrus and Mixopolis' Mitch Raboy.

Ocean Video

Shooting “Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides” required the type of mobile 3D environment that only Ocean Video’s Jeb Johenning and his video assist crew were capable of providing.


“Kutsal Damacana 3: Dracoola” is a Turkish take on Dracula, and DI Colorist Loren White streamlined his workflow to color grade the dark comedy at home in LA and abroad in Istanbul.

Nuclear Family

In between a book release and the successful completion of various projects, author and colorist Alexis Van Hurkman mastered a new color grading platform to grade the pilot for “Nuclear Family”.

Old Oak

The look of a film has to tell as much of the story as the acting does, so the makers of “Old Oak” enlisted colorist Robbie Carman to bring their grim storyline to life.

Coronation Street

As part of its 50th anniversary, Coronation Street switched to HD, requiring new titles. And to do this, ITV chose Space Digital, one of the UK's most sought after post-production facilities.

Mercury Post

Nike gets 20,000 people to exercise at the same time with their “We Run Seoul” campaign. To build excitement for the campaign, Nike chose Seoul’s Mercury Post.

Foundation Content

Tom Rovak of Foundation Content, one of the top facilities for film, television and commercial work in the United States, chooses DaVinci Resolve to improve his color correction workflow.


The American College of Cardiology is dedicated to the education of its 39,000 members. ACC Studios produces hundreds of web segments using Multibridge Eclipse and DeckLink HD Extreme.


Japan's Tamdem and CAVIAR help T.M. Revolution celebrate 15 years of musical stardom by bringing pulsating, high-energy 'Naked arms' music video to dramatic life with Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD Extreme and DaVinci Resolve.


ELECROTNIK works with some of Japan's most talented musical artists, and has experimented with the DeckLink HD Extreme and virtually everything that could possibly be done to a music video to make sure they continue to stand out.

Jonathan Bird's Blue World

From the coral reefs of Bonaire to Jonathan Bird's in-house studio, a lot happens between scuba diving to capture footage and broadcasting to public television. The DeckLink Studio has helped see the underwater adventure program through to its third season.

Out of the Blue

Cointreau needed a way to bring their liqueur to life in a series of webisodes, starring brand ambassador and international star Dita Von Teese. The solution they found was DaVinci Resolve and Out of the Blue's esteemed color artist Micah Kirz.

Activate the Space

The brilliantly illuminated and animated signs towering over New York City's Time Square rival those of Vegas or any Tokyo shopping district. And now, thanks to Activate the Space, one of the most eye-catching signs in the Square belongs to Modell's Sporting Goods.

Tilva Roš

Tilva Roš captures the down to earth life of two skateboarders living in a poverty stricken, old copper mining town. Nikola Stefanović from Media Plus applies the final touch to this award-winning Serbian film using Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve.


Welovepost founder Pedring Lopez and his editors have built a post house based entirely around Blackmagic equipment. And now with the free Videohub Control for iPad application, he has the ability to control his network wherever WiFi is available.


CURE, the leading provider of specialty pediatric surgical care in the developing world, has transformed over a million young lives. Multimedia Producer Bryce Alan Flurie counts on the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D to capture these amazing stories.


The possibilities are endless at SFedit, where founder John Coen uses UltraScope, Intensity Pro, DeckLink HD Extreme cards and Mini Converters to meet the diverse demands of countless high profile clients, including TiVo and Sony Computer Entertainment.


Every kick, penalty and goal at the 2010 FIFA World Cup was brought to the world's broadcasters at ten stadiums and more than 6,500 televisions by Germany's incast and Blackmagic Design's Studio Videohub, UltraScope and Mini Converters.

ARF & Co.

Anthony Jacques, Motion Control Supervisor at ARF & Co., knows that technology waits for no man. So he decided to chase after it. And in his pursuit, he discovered UltraStudio Pro, the world's first broadcast quality 10-bit editing solution for USB 3.0 computers!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The climate change exhibit at Monterey Bay is a unique experience that placed new and challenging demands on Sabertooth Productions. CEO Greg Leuenberger and his team rose to the occasion with the DeckLink HD Extreme and HDLink Pro.

TV Rennes 35

French TV station TV Rennes in conjunction with local station TyTélé is a unique television station run entirely from an outside broadcast van using affordable, simple to use and high quality equipment, including a full range of products from Blackmagic Design.


The combination of low cost and high quality has seen shooting by DSLR increasing rapidly in Japan and Spice Corporation has exercised its ingenuity by using Mini Converter HDMI to SDI to make its own PL lens mount compatible with Canon 7D.

Band on the Wall

In Manchester England, Band of the Wall's archive technician Clive Hunte relies on Blackmagic Design to capture and broadcast live the artists and bands that have made this centuries old pub and music hall an international legend in live music.


The acclaimed documentary Fuel is shining a light on high oil prices, environmental pollution and America's foreign oil dependence, makes the move to DVD and NetFlix with the help of DNA's Darius Fisher and a host of Blackmagic Design products.


With the help of DNA's Darius Fisher, filmmaker Julia Bacha's film Budrus tells the true story of the successful, non violent protest movement that began with community organizer, Ayed Morrar, and his 15 year old daughter within the Middle East in 2003.

Being Michael Madsen

Being Michael Madsen is the story of a movie star who exacts revenge on an abrasive paparazzi photographer by hiring a documentary film crew to follow him 24/7. Sunrise Pictures was able to rework the film with UltraScope before deadline and pass quality control - on the first try.


Argentinean broadcasters TyC Sports, Telefe and Torneos y Competencias are making sure they won't miss a single moment of the 2010 FIFA World Cup by teaming up with XV-Tech and Blackmagic Design's DeckLink Studio capture card.


Tokyo's L'espace Vision is a mid-sized boutique postproduction company, which is famous for its foresight and for quickly introducing the most advanced system in their facility. Working mainly on live music video production, L'espace Vision have improved their efficiency with Videohub.


DaVinci Resolve system and Stockholm Post Production's Carl Skaff brings the ambience of summer time to Sweden's biggest hit comedy on TV today. Played by some of Scandinavia's best-known actors, the first episode attracted over 2 millions viewers.


Blackmagic's Mini Converter Optical Fiber converters were the right solution for Cinepost, based at Barrandov Studios in Prague. Being one of the largest studios in Europe, the campus spans 1.4 kilometers, needing to convert signals over long distances daily.

Mariner's Church

Video technology has become a cornerstone of how the fastest growing church on the West Coast communicates. Like many new churches, Mariner's Church is very sophisticated in its use of pro video, audio and lighting, with the help of Blackmagic Design.

Tim Dashwood

Often considered one of the pathfinders in the technology of modern 3D, Dashwood's passion is helping others how to get the most out of this new production medium as a communications tool. Tim loves the reliability of Blackmagic Design products.


Avatar's virtual production supervisor Glenn Derry brings the 3D world of Pandora to life for director James Cameron with his 'augmented reality' workflow, with the help of Blackmagic's Videohubs and HDLinks as the backbone to this unique process.

Robin Hood

Company 3 and experienced colorist Stephen Nakamura help to give Ridely Scott's epic action adventure Robin Hood, all the grit and intensity of brutal 13th century England using Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci 2K systems.

Planet of the Apes

Sean McKee director of restoration at IVC, integrates both DaVinci's Resolve color grading system and Revival's restoration systems to bring the legendary 1968 sci-fi classic Planet of the Apes back to a state of spotless perfection.

Tracking Mermaids

Award winning wildlife filmaker Yusuf Thakur and his Dubai based production house VFX brings a rare passion for the environment and animals into sharp focus with every project. VFX's range of Blackmagic gear is essential to their high quality output.


Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in New York is a place where artists, performers, dancers and filmmakers can create any visual, sensory, or theatrical experience they want with unbridled creativity. All made possible with many products from Blackmagic Design.

The Hush

Indie film maker Vincent Cortez, uses Intensity Pro to see his genre breaking vision come to life. The Hush is a surreal journey into both the gritty criminal world and the supernatural. The film challenges the audience to rethink the way they experience movies.

Brand New School

Blackmagic Design makes a valuable contribution to prestigious commercial production and design firm Brand New School in California. Their workflow can handle any format of digital video and audio to service their dedication to mastering in uncompressed HD.

50 Kaliber

50 Kaliber Films has committed to high quality brand video productions and output for over 15 years. Their technology profile includes a number of Blackmagic Design hardware solutions for its seamless integration and continues to grow for good reason.

El Niño Despertador

Working in Spain and Columbia, director and digital filmmaker Miguel Ernesto Yusty talks about low-cost HD film making without the loss of quality. Miguel chose Blackmagic's Multibridge Pro for it's versatility and flexibility on his tender thriller film El Niño Despertador.

Mind Over Eye

Mind Over Eye is one of California's most cutting edge commercial production facility. Their dedication to providing the ultimate in video imagery by going the uncompressed route has their client list thriving. Blackmagic's Multibridge Eclipse is integral to Mind Over Eye's high quality output.


UK's Online Creative's Darren Mostyn highlights their work with Mercedes Benz World and the renowned BBC documentary Carluccio and The Leopard. Mulitbridge Eclipse handled their large data rate with ease, proving to be an invaluable part of their set up.


Catering for the Hispanic market in the USA, Latin America and Europe, Deidan Entertainment took Blackmagic's Multibridge Pro on tour with Spanish rock music's "Electro Tour". Multibridge Pro matched Diedan's rugged workflow on tour and will now become the basis for their new facility in Madrid.

National Community Church

Media Pastor Dave Clark has been using Blackmagic video technology to spread the word. At each weekend service, the message is captured, edited and transferred to the ministry's campuses around the Washington D.C. area.

Star Media

Video production company Star Media needs to produce more than 1,500 hours of video every day for the Ukraine and Russia. Credit to the success of their non-stop production schedule goes to an IT infrastructure that includes Blackmagic products.

Zhejiang University

China's Zhejiang University runs a TV station that features an HD lab with almost every editing platform available. With so many systems and formats, ZUMC turned to Blackmagic's Videohub and Multibridge to improve their production workflow.

World War II

Restoring 1,000 hours of footage from World War II has challenged Director Frederic Lumiere and the equipment he uses. However, with Videohub, Lumiere can control his edit from anywhere in the world and with an internet connection, work with the editors remotely in real time.

Mind's Eye

John Tulin worked as DOP, camera operator, editor and color grader on the thrilling motion picture Mind's Eye. Shot in the gritty industrial area of Long Beach and the desolate Mojave desert, Tulin has visually captured the fragility of human relationships.

Saints Row 2

Emmy Award winning video editor for Volition, Alexander Mejia, uses Multibridge Pro to bring Saints Row 2 to life. Mejia relies on Blackmagic's real time editing hardware to get the lightening fast turnaround times needed for cutting promotions.

Jalan Sesama

One of Jakarta's largest production houses, Creative Indigo, beat 47 other rivals to win the contract from Sesame Workshop to produce Jalan Sesama, the Indonesian adaptation of the internationally acclaimed children's educational series, Sesame Street.

Cem Gül

Independent artist in Turkey, Cem Gül has to compete on every level with the established facilities. That's why he appreciates the empowerment Blackmagic Design has given him by using desktop computing systems to even out the playing field for digital production finishing.

Med X Change

Leveraging the power of the Intensity card, Med X Change Inc. HD systems record video and still images directly from multiple HDMI cameras strategically placed within the operating room to capture detailed images of live surgical procedures.


In the world of Art Smith, polar bears arriving on the doorstep are common place. Located at the Inupiat Eskimo village of Kaktovik, just off the north coast of Alaska, Art operates a full HD production house developing documentaries for National Geographic, CBS and Discovery Channel.

The Ryder Cup

Blackmagic Design gives Ben Holmes the flexibility and reliability he requires when working with live television. While editing his fifth Ryder Cup, Ben's Multibridge Pro did not fail once, nor did it suffer a single dropped frame or video glitch.

University of the West of England

Winning awards seems to be part of the curriculum at the University of the West of England. Read how DeckLink HD Extreme together with David Neal, Senior Technical Instructor of UWE, have collected some of the film industry's finest accolades.


The extremely popular animated series on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, and a huge hit with the male 18-34 segment, Metalocalypse takes HD into a whole new world. According to Chris Prynoski, "You can see so much more delicious animated goodness on your fancy new TV set..."


A compelling thriller by author, Ray Bradbury, Chrysalis was produced by Roger Lay, Jr., and edited by Cheyenne Pesko. Using a tapeless workflow and DeckLink HD Extreme, Chrysalis depicts an isolated group of scientists searching for new ways to sustain life and save the planet Earth.


A labor of love for Todd Sali of thesandbox and Darius Fisher of Digital Neural Axis (DNA), Fuel is a show-stopping documentary film targeting the skyrocketing prices for oil, and the world's concerns over pollution.


This film is very entertaining, and at the same time, has become an authority on the subject of Fatima. This feature length film about three children from Fatima in 1917, who claimed the Virgin Mary appeared to them, is the work of award winning Director, Writer and Editor, Frederic Lumiere.

Being Michael Madsen

Being Michael Madsen is the story of a movie star who exacts revenge on an abrasive paparazzi photographer by hiring a documentary film crew to follow him 24/7. In editing this new feature film, Director, Michael Mongillo turned to HDLink for monitoring video because "the depth and detail was stunning".

The Yes Network

As the number one regional sports network, The YES Network are fanatical about HD video quality. Original video content for the New York Yankees and the New Jersey Nets is created with the help of Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD Pro and HDLink.


This ghost story is a film that relies on imagery, depth of plot and visual storytelling rather than gore. The real magic happens in post production with this film, where a cutting edge workflow was developed to make shooting on Super 35mm affordable.

The Red Machine

This is the story of a professional thief who is forced to help a Navy spy steal an encoding machine from the Japanese. Using a HD workflow to create stylized palettes of color and sound, The Red Machine uses a blue-grey world for the spy and a brown world for the thief.

The Rape of the Sabine Women

Set in the 1960s, this adaptation of an ancient Roman Myth illustrates the destruction of a utopia. Conceived as a five-act single length film, The Rape of the Sabine Women was shot without a script across nine locations in Germany and Greece.

One Night With You

Joe D'Augustine, a film editor of three decades is proof that Indie film making is not just the domain of twenty-somethings packing a MiniDV and a laptop! As the writer, director and editor of his first feature film, One Night With You, Joe details his production workflow.

The Departed

Rob Legato, visual effects supervisor at The Basement has a long list of credits including Titanic, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Good Shepherd and The Aviator. The Basement's work on the Oscar winning The Departed, has seen the extensive use of visual effects techniques using Blackmagic.

James Madison University

John Woody, a teacher at JMU, used Intensity cards to meet the many challenges of setting up a state of the art HD lab. Intensity's HDMI connections provide a solution for capturing in the DVCPRO HD format from the Sony HVR-25 and allow monitoring to a 72" DLP flat-screen.

We Are The Strange

We Are the Strange is a unique full length feature animation composed of mixed media, 3-D, stop motion and 2-D. The film was produced, written and directed by M dot Strange, with Chaylon Blancett undertaking the post-production.

GTV6 Glendale

Tor Jøhånsen at GTV6 in Glendale has standardized this government broadcaster with DeckLink HD Extreme cards. Tor calls them his 'Swiss Army knife' of I/O cards. He has all bases covered from standard DV all the way up to uncompressed 4:2:2 10 bit 1080p.

Howard TV

iN DEMAND is a pioneer in the creative delivery of exciting entertainment. The exclusive television home for Howard TV, this company provides powerhouse sports packages including MLB Extra Innings, and the Emmy Award® winning NASCAR IN CAR. Keith Koby explains how Blackmagic is an important part of Howard TV.


Senior Colorist, Warren Lynch, shows how independent film Puppy, a 35mm indie picture, gets a DI treatment even though it was shot on a tight budget and within 20 days. Creating a DI for an extremely low budget film is unusual because of the expense of both the film scanning and film output.

Superman Returns

The latest Superman movie includes the use of a Panavision digital camera instead of 35mm film. This, and the fact, that multiple visual effects houses in the US had to coordinate with the live-action team shooting the movie in Australia. This innovative solution was supplied by Digital Sandbox, who utilize Blackmagic hardware.

Superman Returns

This is Warner Bros. biggest summer movie and a great ride. Behind the scenes, hundreds of artists worry about the math and logistics that underlie the art that creates the thrills. Fortunately, companies like Digital Sandbox along with Blackmagic are there to maintain the quality and like Clark Kent, they have no problem letting the Man of Steel take the credit.

Drawn Together

Damon Yoches, editor of Drawn Together, has worked on many projects including Futurama and Baby Blues. Damon wanted to work tapeless at 24 fps until final output. After NAB that year, and speaking with many other editors, he found that DeckLink Extreme had what they were looking for to facilitate 3:2 pulldown.

The 4400

The 4400's DOP, Tony Westman and DIT, Chris Oben explain why this season's shooting has all been in HD. At the hub of the process is the Magic Lantern HD Framestoreâ„¢, developed by Westman and Oben, and all powered a Blackmagic DeckLink HD card.

Insight Music Video

Nicolas Vantomme is an all-around director creating world class television spots and programs from his home loft in Belgium. With a Power Mac and DeckLink card he has developed a fast and efficient way of working that has brought him freedom and new grounds to conquer.

The Flash Music Video

Talyor Gahm is a much sought after award winning cinematographer, video editor and director among the US independent record labels. By using Blackmagic's DeckLink cards into his workflow, he is able to turn music video's into works of art.

EVOC Music Videos

Senior editor and founder of Philofilm, Josh Carter, details his latest project with Doug Biro, producer and director at Mad Dog Films. Carter and Biro (ex-creative director for RCA) explains the cutting of music videos for a postmodern experiment called the East Village Opera Company (EVOC).

Discovery Promos

Scott Bryant of STEAM recently used his latest Blackmagic gear on two high profile spots for Discovery. It's appropriate that spots announcing Discovery's envelope-pushing HD micro-network were themselves created with the latest technology employed in a novel way.

Nestle TVC

DoP Robin Holder and editor Keith Mottram, discuss their experiences working on a recent TVC spot for Nestle. This article highlights the significant advantages in shooting in HD and capturing to disk using DeckLink HD.

History Channel

Scott Billups and his PixelMonger crew pride themselves on being able to go anywhere in the world and pull together high-level productions. While filming and producing for the History Channel, Billups was able to shoot with the Viper and capture footage right into the editing system.

Heads or Tails

Mike Curtis, founder of the popular website, is doing his part by evangelizing HD production on the desktop. Mike explains how he used is own HD system on on a client's recent HD short called Heads or Tails.

Russian Family

Matt Silverman, a well-known visual effects artist at Phoenix Edit, Effects & Design, San Francisco, helped San Francisco ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners keep the travel bill down by turning daytime Chicago into a snowy apartment set in Russia.

The Weather Channel

Founder of Vinson Studios in Atlanta, Vinson warps, collages, distresses and generally twists twisters in dozens of graphic sequences for The Weather Channel season after season. Vinson has also created a raft of other motion graphics projects at his Mac-based home studio, which is capable of providing anything his clients want.

The Aviator

Being a capable, even innovative, boutique is not enough to land a contract for a major motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese. However, Darius Fisher of DNA did just that! Using Blackmagic's products, DNA created some of the amazing vfx on Scorsese's award winning film, The Aviator.

The Aviator

Recreating the Manhattan skyline for Scorsese's motion picture, The Aviator was no easy task. However, DNA's realism can be seen in the view atop the Chrysler Building and Hughes' XF11 test flight crash into a Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Cartoon Network

What do Cartoon Network, Monster Trilogy, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force have in common? Answer: Jay Edwards. Filmmaker with a taste for '60s style horror movies and a day job as an editor and producer with Turner Broadcasting.

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