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Pocket Cinema Camera

Advanced hand held design

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera combines a range of advanced technologies to create a portable pocket size camera capable of shooting incredible digital film quality images! Each piece of technology used in the development and manufacture of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has been chosen for its performance, reliability and innovation. What you get is a breakthrough in camera design that perfectly matches complementing technologies and lets you achieve things that were previously impossible!


13 Stops of Dynamic Range

The dynamic range for a traditional film look!

What makes film look like film? Frame rate, depth of field, noise and other factors are all part of the answer, however all cinematographers agree that Dynamic Range is the major reason. Video cameras are not able to handle light in the same way as film and their narrower dynamic range causes highlights to ‘blow out’ and shadows to appear ‘crushed’. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera’s image sensor captures 13 stops of wide dynamic range, so you retain much more detail and get images that emulate film.

Dynamic -range -1 Common DSLR Shot
Dynamic -range -2 Raw Wide Dynamic Range
Sd -cards Fast SD storage media Recording to SD cards means you can easily mount your media on your computer for editing.

Built in SD Card Recording

Record standard ProRes and RAW files to SD cards

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features a built in SD card recorder. With the amazingly fast read/write capabilities of SDXC and SDHC cards you can record digital film quality images to a memory card that’s smaller than a postage stamp! The camera creates 12-bit lossless compressed CinemaDNG and 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ files that are way beyond broadcast standards! When using ProRes you can record for more than 50 minutes on a  64GB SD card at 24 frames per second and swapping cards takes just seconds!

Lenses2 Wide range of compatible lenses
The Micro Four Thirds lens mount means you can use a massive range of high quality lenses!

Use Professional MFT Lenses

Select some of the world's best lens crafters

The shorter flange focal distance of the Micro Four Thirds camera system helps to keep the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera so small, but more importantly this technology also unlocks the use of a huge variety of lenses, especially when combined with the camera’s Super 16 sensor size. In addition to using native MFT lenses it’s easy to adapt other lens mounts to MFT using third party adapters. The active MFT mount is powered so is capable of providing electronic control of focus and iris.

Lens -logos

Film and Video Gamma

Select film log or video linear gamma

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera creates lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW files and ProRes 422 HQ files. You can set the camera to record in Film or Video mode depending on your project requirements. In Film ‘Log’ setting you capture the image sensor’s entire dynamic range, which is perfect for creative color correction. In Video mode, processing in the camera creates a file in REC709 color space for HDTV.

Connections Popular Connections Get the connections you need for monitoring, remote control, power and more!

HDMI Output

For great on set monitoring!

You can connect the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to a huge range of equipment such as electronic viewfinders, monitors and disk recorders, using the camera’s built in HDMI output. The Micro HDMI output uses a small Type D connector and cables with Type D to full size Type A connectors are commonly available at low cost. The camera’s HDMI output includes an overlay setting with frame guides, f-stop, frame  rate and more. The overlay can easily be disabled for a clean video output!

LANC Remote Control

Full control of your camera

The LANC control protocol allows the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to be controlled remotely by a wired controller. Connection to the camera is via a 2.5mm jack and the controller allows the camera’s record, stop, focus and iris settings to be remotely controlled. LANC remote controllers are typically fitted to tripods and often in situations where the camera is out of reach for direct operation.

Blackmagic Cameras

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Features Super 16 size 1080HD sensor, 13 stops of Dynamic Range, MFT mount, SD recorder and display.