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Blackmagic Cintel 4.1 Update

This software update adds universal app support for Apple M1 powered Macs for Cintel Scanners, as well as better support for CPUs with multiple cores. Cintel 4.1 update also adds improved capstan shuttle handling and bi-phase accuracy on the Cintel capstan model and includes general performance and stability improvements for all models.

Pobierz teraz:
01 kwi 2021

Blackmagic Cintel 4.1 SDK

This SDK provides developer support for Cintel 4.1 that allows updating of hardware control and software interfaces for Cintel Scanners as well as the processing of Cintel CRIs.

Pobierz teraz:
01 kwi 2021

Blackmagic Cintel Manual

This manual offers detailed installation and operational information on how to setup and use the new Cintel Scanner as well as the Audio and KeyKode Reader.