HyperDeck Studio Mini

HyperDeck Studio Mini

The world’s smallest fully featured broadcast deck!

The advanced miniaturized design of HyperDeck Studio Mini puts the powerful features of a professional grade deck into a compact size that’s only 5.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. This incredible miniaturization is made possible because HyperDeck Studio Mini records onto inexpensive, commonly available SD cards, which are a fraction of the size of SSDs and other professional media. The small size, combined with dual SD card recorders, professional connections, familiar VTR style controls and more, lets you use HyperDeck Studio Mini in ways that are simply impossible with a larger deck!

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Completely Customizable Design

Use as a stand alone recorder or rack it with other gear!

Completely Customizable Design

The compact design of HyperDeck Studio Mini is based on the Teranex Mini form factor. This modular design means that you can combine it with other products to create a completely customized deck based on your workflow. It’s only 5.5 inches wide and can be mounted using the optional Teranex Mini Rack Shelf, so you have room to add additional modules next to it in the same rack space! HyperDeck Studio Mini can be combined with other products such as ATEM Television Studio HD, Teranex Mini converters, Blackmagic MultiView 4 or Blackmagic Web Presenter. HyperDeck Studio Mini also includes rubber feet so you can place it firmly on a conference table or desk!

Dual Recorders

Two SD card recorders for non-stop recording!

HyperDeck Studio Mini features dual SD card recorders so you can record an entire event without ever having to stop the deck! When one card is full it automatically continues recording on to the next. The cards are also hot swappable, so you can remove a full card and replace it with an empty one while it’s recording in the other slot. Each recorder has a dedicated LED indicator that provides instant feedback on the status of the SD card. The light is red while recording, green for playback, and slowly flashes when the card is getting full! If one of the slots becomes worn from heavy use, the internal slot PCB can be swapped by maintenance staff so you can keep running for years to come.


Professional Connections

High quality connections for 24x7 reliability!

Built in 100-240V AC power supply

USB-C for updating software

Reference output with built in sync generator for Blackburst or Tri‑sync

HDMI output for connecting to monitors or televisions

Dual link 6G-SDI Ultra HD outputs, or separate outputs for fill and key up to 1080p60

Professional Connections

Ethernet PoE+ for power and uploading FTP files

Reference Input supports Blackburst or Tri‑sync

RS-422 deck control

6G-SDI input supports all formats up to 2160p30

HyperDeck Studio Mini features the highest quality 6G-SDI connections so it’s compatible with all SD, HD and Ultra HD equipment and formats up to 2160p30. The HDMI output allows you to connect to big screen televisions and digital projectors for monitoring. You also get an internal reference generator with dedicated output and a reference input that can be used to externally lock the sync generator. The two SDI outputs can be used as dual link Ultra HD outputs, or as separate fill and key outputs up to 1080p60 for sending graphics with alpha channel out to a switcher for downstream keying over live video! You also get RS‑422 deck control and Ethernet for both control and file transfer.


Upload media to your deck via FTP!

HyperDeck Studio Mini features a built in Ethernet connection that allows you to upload files to the deck via FTP. That means you can update content on remote units such as those used for driving digital signage, client preview decks and more. It also supports power over Ethernet (PoE+) so it can be powered from your network router! You can even use the HyperDeck ethernet control protocol to create your own custom solutions, or download third party apps for Windows and Mac that provide remote management, advanced playlist functionality and more! The Ethernet protocol is text based and documented in the manual, so it’s easy to get started!


Reference Video Connections

Lock and sync multiple decks together!

The reference video input and output on HyperDeck Studio Mini lets you receive or output sync using standard BNC connections. In addition, HyperDeck Studio Mini can also generate its own sync on the reference output, locked to the video playback, so you can daisy chain multiple units, lock them together and perfectly synchronize all decks for playback together. This makes them ideal for use as playback units for large high resolution, multi screen digital signs in which each HyperDeck is playing a tile of the overall sign display. You could even build an 8K digital sign by simply using 4 HyperDeck Studio Minis and 4 Ultra HD screens!

Reference Video Connections

Familiar VTR Controls

Easy to use, no training required!

LED indicators show SD card status

VTR style transport controls

Shuttle and jog wheel for scrolling through video and menu control

Familiar VTR Controls

Dual SD and UHS-II card recorders for non‑stop recording

LCD display shows video, format, timecode, audio meters and transport status

HyperDeck Studio Mini features familiar VTR style controls and includes standard transport buttons for play, stop, forward and reverse, along with jog and RS-422 for external control. The integrated high resolution LCD screen displays timecode and transport information, plus a full color thumbnail preview of the current clip you are recording or playing back. You can also see video format and frame rate information, as well as audio levels, all on the same display!

Built In Power Supply

No external power bricks or extra cables!

The miniaturized design of HyperDeck Studio Mini includes a built in power supply so you don’t have to carry around an external power brick! Simply plug it into an AC mains outlet and start recording and playing back video. The power supply is an auto switching international power supply that works with 110-240V AC, so you can use it anywhere in the world! One of the most exciting features is that HyperDeck Studio Mini can also be powered via the Ethernet connection from any PoE+ compatible router, so you can still use HyperDeck Studio Mini even if you don’t plug in the AC power cable!

Built In Power Supply
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HyperDeck Studio Mini

HyperDeck Studio Mini

HyperDeck Studio Mini

Miniaturized broadcast deck with unlimited duration recording using dual SD card and UHS‑II card recorders in all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p30!

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Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

HyperDeck Studio Mini uses the same physical size as Teranex Mini converters so you can use the Teranex Mini Rack Shelf to rack mount up to 3 models in any combination you need!

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