The world’s fastest live production switcher control software!


Directly control your ATEM switcher from your desktop or laptop using the included free ATEM Software Control for Mac or Windows. You can load the media pool with graphics, adjust focus, iris and color balance cameras, change switcher settings, and even mix audio from your cameras. You can even run multiple copies for busy live productions when more than one person is working on the job, all from the most elegant and fastest to use software available.

Control Tabs

Switcher Control Tabs

Control or setup your ATEM

The ATEM Software Control panel is designed with separate tabs so it's easy to find the controls you need. The switcher tab is for switcher control and includes palettes for adjusting keys, transitions, media players and more. The settings tab changes the switcher settings and customizes the multi view, and the media pool tab manages graphics. A dedicated tab for the audio mixer control includes faders and meters for every input and master level control.


Select Sources

Live switch your sources!

You get the most efficient live production workflow with ATEM! The program bus is always live, so when you select a source it will immediately go on air! Take advantage of the advanced live switching workflow by using the preview bus, with selections you make appearing in the preview screen. You can see what you have ready to go on air, and take them live with a press of the cut or auto buttons! Using the preview bus helps you see the next transition source so you can confidently control your live production.

Complete control of your Transitions

Control your Mix, Wipe, Dip, DVE and Stingers fast

Create Macros

Create Macros

Automate complex sequences of actions

Take your program to the next level by creating macros, shortcuts that can be used to automate complex sequences of precisely timed actions on your ATEM switcher. You can record everything from transitions between video sources, key effects, graphics and more then save them for use during your live production. Macros are saved as XML files that can be edited and combined together using a standard text editor. To record a macro simply open the macro window, select record and then operate your switcher to automatically store every setting you change. When you want to trigger any of the macros you have created, simply push the macro button or you can trigger the same macro from any of the hardware control panels.

Add Pause

Add user defined pauses in your macros.

Transition Control

Transition Control

ATEM Switchers are designed to give you fast and flexible control during live production operation. The transition control block lets you quickly select your transition style, you can choose between mix, dip, wipe or even DVE and animated stingers if you are using the ATEM 1 M/E or 2 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher. Simply push the cut button for an immediate transition, or select timed automatic transitions that are triggered by pushing the AUTO button. You also get full manual control with the fader bar!

Transition Settings

Transition Settings

ATEM gives you precise transitions adjustments! The switcher palettes are on the right side of the switcher control and are fast and logical to use. When you open the transition palette you can see every adjustable option for each type of transition. Simply choose the transition type and you can adjust all the individual parameters. You get so many options you will always find the perfect style for your production as there is almost no limit to the creative transitions you can create!

Wipe Panel

Wipe Transitions

Create over 100 different styles from the 18 built in wipe pattens. Using the ATEM Software control transition palette, you can select your ideal wipe pattern, change its symmetry or even invert it! Wipe patterns can be softened or have colored borders with customizable width and softness. You can even feed live video inside a wipe border creating interesting geometric patterns with three live video streams at the same time. You get amazing wipe transition flexibility with ATEM Production Studio 4K switchers!

Wipe Example

Dve Panel
Dve Fade

DVE Settings

With the ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K models that include the built in DVE, you can push, spin, squeeze and swoosh your live video from one camera to the next with powerful built in DVE transitions. The transition palette gives you precise control over the multiple DVE transition options. Choose from over 35 dramatic DVE moves that will bring an extra level of excitement to your production. DVE transitions can be flipped and reversed giving you even more creative options.

Dve Example
Push, spin, squeeze and swoosh from one camera to the next with powerful built in DVE transitions available on the ATEM 1 M/E and 2 M/E Production Studio 4K models.

Camera Control

Get full control of your cameras right from the ATEM software control! The new Blackmagic Studio Camera can be controlled via the SDI program feed to the camera, so you can control its built in camera settings and full color corrector, all remotely from the ATEM software control panel! There are two types of control interface, a CCU layout for traditional camera control style, or a color corrector interface which is the same as DaVinci Resolve’s primary color corrector so you can use all your color correction skills from DaVinci Resolve for adding incredible creativity to live production!

Source Control

SuperSource Control

Available on the ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, Super Source lets you add multi box picture-in-picture compositions to your live broadcasts quickly and easily! Using the ATEM Software Control it’s easy to choose a preset SuperSource layout, customize it, or create your own from scratch. You get all the controls you need in one place, making it super fast to choose and save presets, add artwork, and adjust individual box parameters including size, position, border, crop, shadow, and more!

Dve Example

On Air

On Air

Select keyers on air live!

Once your upstream settings are customized, the fastest way to bring them on air is to use the ON AIR button! The on air buttons enable or disable the key signal, plus they also indicate which keys are live on air. When you’re switching live it's vital to know which keyers are active so you can select it as part of the next transition. Each upstream keyer has its own dedicated on air button so you will get 1 on the ATEM Production Studio 4K and 4 on the advanced ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K model.

Keyer Control

Get perfect multi layering

When you need fast, precision keying you can use the software controls to adjust keying with high accuracy. Key backgrounds are never perfectly flat, so it’s important to have easily adjustable controls that let you quickly and precisely fine tune your key settings in real time for the best quality live broadcast results. The ATEM Software Control gives you precise control over every key parameter and you can use your mouse or trackpad to quickly adjust keys for the perfect result.

Get easily adjustable controls that let you quickly and precisely fine tune your key settings in real time for the best quality live broadcast results.
Keyer Panel

Fader Bar

Get full manual control

The most experienced vision switchers know that sometimes the only way to get a dramatic multi camera mix during live performances is with manual fader control! Automatic transitions are smooth but often do not have the subtlety needed when mixing between wide and close up angles of performances like music performances. With manual control you can mix shots together and hold the mix until the right moment before completing the transition. The fader bar also gives you manual control of wipe, key and even DVE transitions.

Fader Bar Inset
Fader Bar
Fader Bar Bottom

Auto Transition

Simply perfect transitions!

Smooth automatic transitions are easy with the auto transition button. Simply set your preferred transition rate between 1 and 250 frames using the ATEM software control, and every time you hit the AUTO button your ATEM Production Studio 4K switcher will perform a perfectly timed, smooth transition. You can use auto transitions for every part of the ATEM switcher including dissolves, dip, mix, fading on key sources, wipes and animated DVE transitions.

Preview Transition

Check your transitions

The PREV TRANS button lets you rehearse and preview complicated transitions before you take them on air! Your ATEM Production Studio preview video can be seen on your multi view screen or on a monitor connected to the switchers SDI preview output. Preview transition lets you verify the most complicated transition with mix, dip, wipe, DVE and even keys without affecting your program output. Preview transitions is the best way to ensure your transition is perfect before going to air.

Preview Example Preview Inset
Preview transition lets you verify the most complicated transition with mix, dip, wipe, DVE before taking your transition on air!

Fade to Black

The perfect program end!

Ideal for the start and end of your production or fading down for commercial breaks, fade to black (FTB) is the absolute last layer of the switcher and ensures all the layers are faded down together. Once the program output has been faded to black, the FTB button will flash red until it is pressed again. Selecting fade to black again will then fade up from black at the same rate. With a dedicated fade to black button, you can be sure all sources are faded cleanly in sync for the perfect program end!

Fade Example Fade Inset
With a dedicated fade to black button, you can be sure all sources are faded cleanly in sync for the perfect program start or ending.

Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer Inset 1
Audio Follow Video
Audio Mixer Inset 2
Balance Control
Audio Mixer Inset 3
Fader Control

Full Audio Mixer

Control levels, balance and more!

The built in multi channel audio mixer lets you adjust the level and balance of the audio from each switcher input, plus the additional HiFi and balanced audio input connections. Each audio input is metered so you can always see the levels of each source accurately. You can set the audio to auto fade up and down as the switcher sources are changed and the mixed audio is then embedded into all video outputs! 

Switcher Snapshot

Save the switcher state!

No matter how complicated your switcher set up is, you can quickly save it to your computer for fast recall any time you need it. Save complete or partial switcher setups as time stamped XML files so you'll never accidentally overwrite a saved setup. Save switcher positions, keys, wipes, DVE moves and even your entire media pool content! Any updated media is added to the media folder and mapped to the latest XML as you keep saving. That's perfect for moving your job setup between ATEM switchers.

Snapshot Panel
You can save switcher positions, keys, wipes, DVE moves and even your entire media pool content as separate files so you can use them live as simple macros.


Simple drag and drop
media download!

ATEM features easy download of all your RGBA graphics and clips. From the software control media tab you can manage the built in media pool and see the status of each loaded graphic. You can drag and drop frames into the media pool spaces and they will automatically download to the switcher. You can also download graphics direct from the included Photoshop CC plug in! The Media pool can be saved as part of a switcher snapshot, so you can save your switcher settings and graphics on a single disk.

Media Icons
Photoshop Icon
Download graphics direct from the included Photoshop CC plugin. As you update graphics live, you can download in seconds.
Settings General Settings Audio Settings Multi View Settings Input Labels Settings Input Labels Settings Input Labels

Switcher Settings

Get full control over your ATEM switcher settings for any type of
live production!

When you're setting up your job you can use the switcher settings tab to adjust the video format of your switcher as well as the media pool size and input labeling. You can also fully configure the multi view output by arranging the camera inputs and program view into 4 different arrangements. Setting up your switcher is so easy with the ATEM software control because everything has been laid out so that settings are fast to change as required. That makes setting up for new jobs easy!

Control Options

The most portable switcher control software available!

Now you can take your ATEM Production Studio 4K switcher on the road because the included ATEM Software Control runs from your laptop. You get complete switcher control that includes live switching, keyer and transition control, loading the media pool, all switcher settings and even audio mixing control. The ATEM switcher and laptop are so small you can fit them all in a bag or backpack. Now you can go to any event as there is no more portable solution than the ATEM!


ATEM Production Studio 4K

6-g-sdi ATEM Production Studio 4K

ATEM Production Studio 4K

The world’s first Ultra HD live production switcher, includes 6G-SDI, HDMI 4K, chroma keying, built in media, audio mixer and more!

6-g-sdi ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K

ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K

Advanced 1 M/E live production switcher with DVE, stingers and 6G-SDI so you can work in SD, HD and Ultra HD!

6-g-sdi ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K

ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K

World’s most advanced live production switcher with 20 6G-SDI inputs, DVE, SuperSource and much more!

12-g-sdi ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K

ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K

Powerful 20 input 12G-SDI live production switcher for high frame rate HD and Ultra HD support, DVE, SuperSource, 4 media players, 6 keyers, 2 Ultra HD multi-viewers and more.

ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel

ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel

Control panel for ATEM live production switchers. Supports all ATEM switchers.

ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel

ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel

Control panel for ATEM live production switchers. Supports all ATEM switchers.

GPI and Tally Interface

GPI and Tally Interface

Adds 8 Tally relay contacts to any ATEM switcher.