ATEM Television Studio HD

Turn any event into a broadcast quality television program!

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Whether you’re a broadcaster or even a student, educator, videographer or web broadcaster, ATEM Television Studio HD is perfect for creating broadcast quality programs from live events. You can generate live programming for display on large televisions or projectors in venues, duplicate and distribute copies for sale, or connect the output to an encoder for internet streaming! Best of all, you get both HDMI and SDI connections so it works with everything from consumer cameras, computers and video game consoles, all the way up to high end broadcast cameras! Simply plug in your cameras, a display and your laptop running the software control panel!

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Create multi camera HD programs in real time! With ATEM Television Studio HD you cut your show as it’s happening, so you don’t have to spend time in post production! It’s ideal for live sport, studio shows and more!


Live Weddings

Create beautiful wedding programs! Now you can shoot and edit at the same time, which saves you time in post so your clients get their video faster! Plus, if you add a Blackmagic Duplicator 4K, you can even have copies ready for guests as they leave the event!


Conferences and Seminars

Instantly switch between a camera on the speaker and their computer with slides. Add picture in picture effects and transitions, while simultaneously recording the conference to a HyperDeck Mini in realtime! You can also add a Blackmagic Duplicator 4K so attendees can leave with a copy of the conference they just attended!

Conferences and Seminars

Gaming Competitions

Now you can capture every thrilling moment of gaming competitions, with multiple players connected via the HDMI inputs, and use the picture in picture effects and headset microphone to overlay a live commentator.

Game Play Videos

Internet Broadcasting

Create your own internet talk show! Produce a professional multi camera show with Skype video of guest interviews, add custom logos and titles, and cut it all together in real time!

Internet Video Blogging

AV Integrators

With clean switching of 8 video sources right from the front panel, ATEM Television Studio HD is the perfect front end solution for complex AV setups. Simply connect your client’s sources and then show them how easy it is to switch with the touch of a button!

AV Integrators

School Events

ATEM Television Studio HD is perfect for students and teachers that need to create programs for school productions, graduation ceremonies and even class lectures!

School Events

Live Sports

It’s now easier to set up multiple cameras around a field to create live switched broadcast quality HD programming! Add custom team graphics or even have sportscasters stand in front of a green screen and key them onto a virtual set!

Amateur Sports

Live Worship

Connect ATEM Television Studio HD to multiple cameras in your house of worship to create programming that’s far superior to single camera setups. You’ll be able to focus on the details, switch cameras, and zoom in at exactly the right moment so you can capture the spirit and passion of the sermon like never before!

Live Worship

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ATEM Television Studio HD

ATEM Television Studio HD

ATEM Television Studio HD - $995

The world’s first live production switcher for broadcast, professional and AV users with HDMI and SDI inputs, multi view, talkback, DVE, audio mixer, flash media players and more!

$995 Buy Now

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Original Model

ATEM Television Studio

ATEM Television Studio - $995

Affordable broadcast quality production switcher for creating live SD and HD television programs.

$995 Buy Now