Third Party Accessories

Customize your camera with some of the world's most exciting accessories!

The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras work with the widest range of professional camera accessories from the world’s most talented precision engineering companies. There are accessories available that have been custom designed for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera body and allow shooting on land, in the air or underwater! Because the camera body has standard connections and multiple 1/4” threaded mounting points on both the top and the bottom, you can attach virtually any accessory available plus those designed specifically for the camera itself!


Incredible Lenses

The PL lens mount lets you attach cinema quality optics from now to decades in the past. These incredible PL mount lenses let you choose from any of the latest cinema lens technology. Choose “vintage glass” to get incredible looks from the golden age of cinema! If your background is photography then you can choose the EF model and use Canon compatible lenses that feature amazing optics and allow a massive range of really interesting styles based on photographic lens tricks! When you need incredibly small size then the passive Micro Four Thirds lens mount is perfect!


Lens Adapters

You can use commonly available adapters to mount different types of lenses on an EF or MFT mount. With adapters for Nikon F™ mount, ARRI PL™ and others you are not tied to a single lens system and can take advantage of using lenses you already own.

Lens Adapters
Upstream Keyers

Audio Solutions

The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras feature 1/4” thread mounting points on the top and bottom of the camera body, plus there are professional balanced audio jack inputs for connecting external mic or line level microphones. This means you can easily add ambient and directional microphones and
other audio equipment.

Audio Icons


Use a wide range of professional microphones in various form factors for broadcast, documentaries, weddings and more. Mount professional shotgun microphones on top of the camera or even securely attach a wireless receiver to the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras using a clamp mount.

Microphones Microphone Icons

Electronic Viewfinders

Sometimes when it’s extremely bright outside or you need privacy, you might want to attach a viewfinder. With the Blackmagic Cinema Camera design it’s super easy. Monitor your shots with greater flexibility in a variety of dark and bright environments. Electronic view finders can connect directly to a camera’s SDI output without using any converters so you get easy set up for precise image evaluation.

EVFs Icons

Camera Cages

Connect light weight cages to ensure protection and expand your accessory mounting options. Open up the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras to a wide range of peripheral arrangements while at the same time protecting your camera from drops.

Cages Icons
Shoulder Mounts Pattern

Shoulder Mounts

When you need a close in and personal hand held shot, the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras’ design can also handle that. You can just hand hold the camera in front of you, but when you’re using a larger and heavy lens then a shoulder mount rig is the perfect solution. You get increased stability where you need it most. The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras have a standard 1/4"-20 UNC thread tripod mount for use with almost any shoulder mount.

Shoulder Mounts Icons

Follow Focus

When you’re doing complex or critical shots you can add a follow focus to the lens allowing a focus puller to get the focus perfect. Follow focus is a great solution when doing tracking shots as you can mark the focus points on the follow focus and then set them to the exact focused point when the dolly moves to specific positions on the track.

Follow Focus Icons

Sliders & Camera Stabilizers

Combining a professional stabilizer with the compact Cinema Camera design means you can film from a boat, car or horseback. Or attach them to a slider for smooth gliding dolly moves that's professional but also extremely portable.

Sliders and Camera Stabilizers


Substantially increase the camera runtime using a camera mounted battery. These slim adaptors maintain the compact design of the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and give you extremely long running time as the camera is extremely power efficient, so these larger professional batteries are often way over capacity to what’s needed so you can shoot for hours
on a single battery!

Batteries Icons
LANC Control

LANC Control

With the 2.5mm LANC remote jack you can attach remote controllers to tripods and other camera supports. The LANC protocol triggers Record Start and Stop, plus electronic lens control of the iris and focus, all using an industry standard protocol.

LANC Control Icons
Remote Helicopters and Underwater Housing

Remote Helicopter

Capture spectacular fly overs using remote controlled drones perfectly designed for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Vibration absorbing, rigid frames developed with video and digital cinema cameras in mind, ensure smooth shots. With the solid aluminum design, you also get the strength of design to resist damage in case a mishap occurs!

Remote Helicopter Icons

Underwater Housing

With full camera functionality while underwater, you are able to capture those adventure shots using professional underwater camera housings. Imagine the beauty of surfing shots, underwater nature shots and the wonderful world of underwater imagery with amazing light streaming down from the surface of the water. Underwater shooting is an amazing and addicting environment to shoot in and there is some wonderful underwater solutions custom designed for the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras!

Underwater Housing Icons

Cinema Cameras

Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF

Blackmagic Cinema
Camera EF

Features EF mount, 13 stops of dynamic range, 2.5K sensor, SSD recorder and display.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL

Blackmagic Cinema
Camera PL

Ultra compact 2.5K digital film camera with professional PL lens mount, 13 stops of dynamic range, RAW and ProRes SSD recorder, 5 inch touch screen and more!

Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT

Blackmagic Cinema
Camera MFT

Features MFT mount, 13 stops of dynamic range, 2.5K sensor, SSD recorder and display.


Blackmagic Production
Camera 4K EF

Features Super 35 size 4K sensor, EF mount, 12 stops of Dynamic range, SSD recorder and display.


Blackmagic Production
Camera 4K PL

Ultra compact 4K digital film camera with Super 35 sized sensor and global shutter, professional PL lens mount, 12 stops of dynamic range, RAW and ProRes SSD recorder and more!


Blackmagic Cinema
Camera Handles

Easy grip handles for Blackmagic Cinema Camera.