Elegant Design

Advanced design. Miniaturized technology.


The Blackmagic Studio Camera features a revolutionary compact and lightweight design with an enormous 10” viewfinder that creates a private viewing space so you can focus on getting the best shot. And with the most important controls right below the viewfinder, you can easily make adjustments without taking your eyes off the action. The rugged compact design includes support for MFT lenses, broadcast connections, and multiple mounting points that make it easy to customize and use the camera virtually anywhere!

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Alloy Body

Die Cast Magnesium Alloy Body

Lightweight and incredibly strong

The magnesium alloy chassis is both incredibly light and extremely strong, making it perfect for use in the studio or for outside broadcast productions. The camera body features a rubberized coating that gives extra grip when changing lenses. Because it’s lightweight and compact, the Blackmagic Studio Camera can easily be transported and used in smaller spaces for better shots.


Integrated 10” Viewfinder

The world’s largest built in viewfinder!

The huge 10” viewfinder features a super bright full 1080 HD resolution display with a wide viewing angle. You get a true studio sized viewfinder that lets you see images with amazing detail, making it easier to frame shots and focus when you’re live on air! The large detachable sunshade protects the screen even from direct sunlight and creates your own private viewing space. Because the viewfinder has a wide viewing angle, you’ll always have a crystal clear view of the image, even as you pan the camera to extreme angles!

Control Panel
Focus Iris 1 Iris 2 Iris 3 PGM Disp Menu

Easy Control

Integrated control panel

When you’re in the middle of a live production you need quick and easy access to the most important camera settings. The Blackmagic Studio Camera has an integrated control panel below the viewfinder so you can easily adjust settings without having to scroll through complicated menus. You can instantly turn on overlays, adjust focus and iris settings, activate talkback, and even select return program video!

Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount

More choice than any other studio camera

The Blackmagic Studio Camera features an MFT lens mount so you can use a virtually unlimited range of lenses. Choose from commonly available photographic lenses or, with a third party lens mount adapter you can use massive PL cinema lenses, or even use traditional B4 ENG broadcast lenses! The MFT lens mount gives you maximum creative flexibility so you can get the right look for your production.


Broadcast Connections

Easily accessible professional connections

The body of the Blackmagic Studio Camera has been designed to not only look attractive, but also to be an extremely practical workflow based design. Connections are logically grouped on each side of the camera with video in and out on one side, audio, headphones and LANC on the other. Now you can quickly setup and change cables as needed, while keeping them out of the way and protected during your production!


Multiple Mounting Points

Customize your production rig

Not all productions are the same. For studio news you might want to mount the camera on a pedestal and add rails for large broadcast lenses and teleprompters. For outside broadcast your may want to attach microphones, external batteries, or LANC remote controllers. The innovative design of the Blackmagic Studio Camera includes two ⅜” mounting points on the bottom, and ten ¼” mounting points on the sides and the top. This means you have the flexibility to customize your rig for any size production.



Use AC or battery power

The Blackmagic Studio Camera features mounting points for third party batteries as well as a standard 4-pin broadcast power connector for external 12V - 24V power supplies. When you’re in the studio, just plug it into AC mains power for all day shooting. When you need to move your Blackmagic Studio Camera to a location that doesn’t have power, simply connect an external battery!


Ultra portable for outside broadcast productions

One of the major challenges of outside broadcast is taking lots of heavy equipment with you. The Blackmagic Studio Camera’s compact size, lightweight design, foldable sunshade, and easily detachable lenses make it more portable than any other studio camera! The camera’s reusable packaging insert is made from expanded polypropylene and is incredibly durable. That means you can reuse it to securely hold your camera in a standard road case.

Camera Dimensions:
Back View Dimensions
194.68 mm
255.25 mm
Front View Dimensions
194.68 mm
255.25 mm
Left View Dimensions
194.68 mm
113.57 mm
Packing Foam Dimensions:
Packing Foam Dimensions
212.1 mm
300 mm
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Blackmagic Studio Camera

Blackmagic Studio Camera

Blackmagic Studio Camera

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Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K

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Blackmagic 3G‑SDI Shield for Arduino

Blackmagic 3G‑SDI Shield for Arduino

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3G-SDI SFP Optical Module

3G-SDI SFP Optical Module

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6G-SDI SFP Optical Module

6G-SDI SFP Optical Module

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12G-SDI SFP Optical Module

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Blackmagic 58mm Lens Cap

Blackmagic 58mm Lens Cap

Код замовлення: BMUMCA/LENSCAP58
The 58mm lens cap easily snaps on to protect your camera’s lens from scratches, dust, moisture, and fingerprints when the camera is not in use.

300 ₴

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