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HyperDeck 7.1.3 Update

This software update improves playback of ProRes 4444 with alpha channel files on HyperDeck Studio Mini.

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11 Dec 2020

HyperDeck Operation Manual

This instruction manual includes information for installing and operating the HyperDeck range of SD and SSD recorders. Includes recommended SD cards, SSD disks and technical information such as control protocols.

Presentations and Sample Code

This downloadable package contains content covered in the 'Introduction to the HyperDeck Control Protocol' video. Included is a PDF slide presentation with accompanying WebUI sample written in Python. Please refer to the for details.

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Introduction to the HyperDeck Control Protocol

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Information Notes

Q and A

HyperDeck Studio Mini Recommended FTP Clients

This Information Note identifies the FTP clients for use with the HyperDeck Studio Mini.

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07 Feb 2017