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The Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G is easy to install for professional audio monitoring with embedded SDI audio, AES/EBU digital audio and analog audio sources. The slim single rack unit design fits easily into any equipment rack and with built in connections it’s easy to connect to your video and audio equipment. The 12G‑SDI video connection uses a single SDI cable and is perfect for Ultra HD production, supporting multiple audio channels within the SDI signal. You also can attach a low cost HDMI display or the latest Ultra HD TV to suit your video monitoring needs.

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Connecting to Routers

Monitor audio from anywhere in your facility!

Connecting to Routers

Monitor audio from anywhere in your facility!

Installing a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G alongside an SDI router is great for monitoring the audio levels from any of the switcher’s outputs. Video signals from connected source equipment such as broadcast decks, cameras and media servers can be routed to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G’s SDI input. Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G loops through the SDI signal and also has an HDMI output, so you can connect a professional SDI monitor or HDMI display for local monitoring of the SDI signal. When you use a Blackmagic Design Videohub or Universal Videohub router you get a software control panel for Mac and Windows that can be installed on your computer network so that you can easily route SDI outputs to a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G.

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Live Production Switchers

Perfect program audio at all times in your live production.

When you’re working in a live production environment with an ATEM Production Switcher you get support for embedded audio from HDMI and SDI cameras, decks and other inputs. ATEM Production Switchers include audio mixing software with audio follow video and independent channel audio control. You can send the switcher’s SDI program output to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G for accurate monitoring of your audio output levels. You can connect an SDI or HDMI monitor to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G for perfect monitoring of both audio and video. You can use an ATEM live production switcher and connect to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G with 12G‑SDI for audio level monitoring during live Ultra HD productions!

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Connecting to Cameras

Confirm the audio quality and levels when on set!

Connect the SDI output from a camera to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G to analyze audio levels during live production. Most Blackmagic cameras feature a 12G‑SDI output that can be used to connect to a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G using a single SDI cable. In live production you can monitor the audio channels embedded into the SDI signal. Connect an Ultra HD display to the audio monitor’s HDMI output for monitoring at full 3840 x 2160 resolution.

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Connecting to Editing / Color Correction Systems

The perfect solution for audio monitoring in your facility

It’s essential to get accurate monitoring of audio levels during post production, especially when mastering projects for broadcast where you need to comply with strict audio levels standards. Connect a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G in your editing or grading suite to monitor audio levels with perfect accuracy. There can be dramatic differences in levels and audio quality when capturing from cameras, broadcast decks and other sources. When you play back your captured files you can now see the levels displayed and listen to the audio. Using UltraStudio 4K you have SDI capture and playback to a computer with Thunderbolt technology. You can connect SDI, HDMI and analog video and audio equipment with such a wide range of sources you need to monitor the levels of files created.

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Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

Get high quality audio monitoring in a compact 1 rack unit size! Features dual subwoofer design, 12G-SDI input for SD, HD and Ultra HD support, balanced XLR audio, AES/EBU and RCA HiFi audio inputs.

€1 125

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Blackmagic Videohub 40x40 12G

Blackmagic Videohub 40x40 12G

Large 40x40 model zero latency 12G-SDI video router supports any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD on the router at the same time. Features control panel, re-clocking and external Ethernet control.

€3 765

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SmartView 4K

SmartView 4K

Elegant machined metal full resolution Ultra HD broadcast monitor with 12G-SDI for SD, HD and Ultra HD support up to 2160p60.

€1 185

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