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The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has been designed to be accessorized! There are times when you only want to attach a lens, particularly when shooting in crowded or remote locations. If you’re using the camera in larger film production environments then you can use the camera’s top and bottom 1/4” thread mounting points and add virtually any professional accessory. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to mount the camera in all kinds of situations and to position the camera in the tightest spaces!


Compatible with a huge range of accessories!

Select lenses, mounts, mics, controls and more

Mft -lens

Active Micro Four Thirds

The active MFT lens mount lets you use native Micro Four Thirds lenses with electronic lens control. The shorter flange focal distance of the MFT camera system and Super 16 size sensor gives you a huge choice of lenses with an incredibly small camera!


Lens Mount Adaptors

You can use commonly available adapters to mount almost any type of lens to an MFT mount. This means you're not locked to a single lens system and can work with an incredible range of lenses including PL and Super 16 cine lenses.


Standard Audio Jack Input

With a 1/4” thread mount and 3.5mm stereo audio jack it’s easy to add  an ambient or directional mic to the top of the Blackmagic Pocket  Cinema Camera for professional audio capture that’s embedded into the ProRes file.


Remote Control Recording

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has a 2.5mm LANC remote jack so that you can attach remote controllers to tripods and other camera supports. The LANC protocol triggers Record Start and Stop, plus electronic lens control of the iris and focus.


3rd Party Mounts

Mount the camera to tripods, camera stabilizing systems, vehicle mounts and more using the 1/4” thread mounts on the top and bottom of the chassis. You can even use camera rail systems with follow focus and matte boxes.

Blackmagic Cameras

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
Features Super 16 size 1080HD sensor, 13 stops of Dynamic Range, MFT mount, SD recorder and display.