Blackmagic URSA Broadcast

The world’s most versatile professional broadcast camera

URSA Broadcast is the perfect camera for everything from studio talk and game shows to electronic news gathering in the field, massive multi camera sporting events and more. You get a super tough, reliable broadcast camera with incredible HD and Ultra HD image quality, along with the features and controls you need. Best of all, URSA Broadcast is affordable and costs far less than a traditional broadcast camera. It even costs less than a DSLR! That means professional broadcasters can use more cameras to get better coverage, and newer web broadcasters can afford a true broadcast camera with broadcast image quality and features. Plus, there’s a complete line of accessories that let you customize URSA Broadcast for ENG and programming work, or to create a complete camera chain for live studio production!

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Live Broadcast

Live Sport, Concerts and Events

Cover massive big league games, superstar concert performances and more

URSA Broadcast is perfect for covering large events such as concerts and sports. You can have handheld cameras shooting from the sidelines, or set up tripods all around the stadium. Simply add a Blackmagic Shoulder Mount Kit, URSA Viewfinder, battery plate and mic mount, and you’ll be able to follow the action as it happens. Use existing HD lenses and record to SD cards, or use Ultra HD lenses and record to SD/UHS-II cards. If you’re working with a switcher, add the optional fiber converter to get full talkback, tally, remote camera control and more, all over a regular SMPTE fiber connection that uses standard IP for low latency transmission of broadcast quality video and data up to 2 km away. Or if you are starting out, simply plug the SDI camera output direct into your switcher! Thanks to its extended video dynamic range and high frame rate shooting, you get crystal clear HD or Ultra HD images with incredible color, texture and detail at any frame rate.

Live Broadcast Sub
Live Broadcast

Electronic News Gathering

The perfect ENG camera for covering stories in the field

URSA Broadcast gives you HD or Ultra HD recording in a compact, well balanced shoulder mount camera that’s comfortable enough to be used all day. You get full external controls for fast operation, a 4 inch fold out monitor, optional EVF, complete technical scopes, professional audio recording, microphone inputs and more, all built in so you don’t have to carry extra equipment. Plus, the new extended video mode provides great looking images that also incorporate wide dynamic range so you get incredible color, accurate skin tones and professional looking images that can go straight to air. URSA Broadcast records standard DNx and ProRes files onto common SD/UHS-II and CFast cards so you can shoot a story, drop the shots into any professional editing system, and get it on air faster than ever without any transcoding.

Live Web Broadcast

Produce Your Own Web Programming

Turn local events and school productions into professional web broadcasts

Imagine bringing professional broadcast production quality to your local events! Blackmagic Design makes a complete line of affordable professional cameras, switchers, software and streaming products that make it possible. Start with URSA Broadcast cameras connected to a switcher such as the ATEM Television Studio HD all via simple BNC cables and using the fold out LCD on the camera. As you advance, you can then add shoulder mount kits or even viewfinders and SMPTE fiber extensions connected to more powerful Ultra HD switchers such as the new ATEM 4 M/E Broadcast Studio! 

All ATEM switchers include free ATEM Software Control so you can connect a BNC cable back to the camera for return program feed and all control, tally and talkback from the switcher is also sent down the BNC SDI program return connection. That means you get control, talkback and tally from the switcher, even on the basic camera itself without purchasing anything extra and without any added accessories. With live production, everything is cut live so you get a high end broadcast look without having to spend time editing in post production later! Because URSA Broadcast has a built in primary color corrector, you can even add a DaVinci Resolve Mini panel to balance camera color. Add a HyperDeck Studio Mini to record the program and, if you have an internet connection, stream it live to services such as YouTube and Facebook Live using Blackmagic Web Presenter.

Unscripted Studio Production

The affordable solution for creating dramatic studio shows live

Studio Show

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast makes it possible to produce unscripted studio shows, such as live cooking competitions or a bake off, at full broadcast quality. You can mix handheld URSA Broadcast cameras with shoulder kits and viewfinders, alongside tripod based cameras with URSA Studio Viewfinders. All of the cameras can be connected to an ATEM Television Studio HD Pro with integrated hardware control panel so you can cut the show live. Another operator can use the ATEM Software Control on a laptop with a DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel to balance color, all at the same time. Everything can be monitored on a SmartView 4K, and the program output can be recorded to a HyperDeck Studio Mini or broadcast live.

Studio Show Sub
Live Production, High End

Magazine Style Talk Shows

Perfect for live hosted talk shows, debates and news

When you’re working on high end hosted talk shows, the evening news or magazine style shows, you need the highest quality video, reliable equipment you can trust and professional features. URSA Broadcast works with professional pedestals and gas tripods for glassy smooth motion, broadcast box lenses, high end talkback headsets, optical fiber and more. The URSA Studio Viewfinder and Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter turns your URSA Broadcast into a true studio camera so you can comfortably operate the camera and move it around the set with ease. The cameras can be connected to a high end Ultra HD switcher, such as the ATEM 4 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K, with a hardware control panel, and broadcast with full graphics and effects right from the switcher, while being simultaneously recorded to a HyperDeck.

Live Production, High End 1
Live Production, High End 2

Game and Recorded Studio Shows

Record shows in front of a studio audience and finish in post

Multi Camera Broadcast

Shows that are recorded in front of a live studio audience, such as game shows and sitcoms, are often finished in post instead of being switched and broadcast live. URSA Broadcast is perfect for these types of shows because you get incredible looking broadcast video in standard files that are ready for post production. Imagine having multiple URSA Broadcast cameras on set with URSA Studio Viewfinders, all synced together via the reference input so they are completely locked. You can make ISO recordings from each camera to the internal SD or CFast card slots, or you can add a Blackmagic URSA Mini SSD recorder to each camera. The SSD recorder attaches to the back of the camera and provides higher capacity storage. Plus, when you’re ready to edit the show, the media can be mounted directly on your computer for immediate editing. You don’t even have to copy the video off the drives! You get perfectly synchronized files for multicam editing and color correction with DaVinci Resolve.

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Blackmagic URSA Broadcast

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast

Advanced HD and Ultra HD broadcast camera with B4 mount, broadcast controls, built in ND filters, extended video dynamic range, and ProRes or DNx recording onto SD, UHS-II or CFast cards.


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Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder

Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder

High resolution viewfinder for URSA range of cameras includes full HD OLED display and true glass optics for perfect focus.


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Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder

Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder

Turn URSA Broadcast into the ultimate live camera with a professional 7 inch studio viewfinder!


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Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro EF Mount

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro EF Mount

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro EF Mount kit is available if you ever need a spare EF lens mount in addition to the original EF that comes with your URSA Mini Pro.


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Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro PL Mount

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro PL Mount

Optional PL lens mount which features contact pins for compatibility with Cooke’s i/Technology protocol allowing lens information to be saved as metadata and used in software like DaVinci Resolve.


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Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro F Mount

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro F Mount

The URSA Mini Pro F Mount lets you use your favorite Nikon stills lenses with smooth high precision mechanical iris control. Now you can pair digital film quality with classic Nikon AF‑S G and AF‑D series lenses.


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Blackmagic URSA Mini Shoulder Kit

Blackmagic URSA Mini Shoulder Kit

Be ready to shoot anywhere! Kit includes shoulder pad with built in rosettes, rail mounts, integrated tripod quick lock release and top handle.


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Blackmagic URSA Mini Mic Mount

Blackmagic URSA Mini Mic Mount

Add a shock and vibration isolated professional microphone mount to your URSA Mini or URSA Mini Pro camera!


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Blackmagic URSA VLock Battery Plate

Blackmagic URSA VLock Battery Plate

VLock compatible battery plate for attaching third party batteries to URSA cameras.


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Blackmagic URSA Gold Battery Plate

Blackmagic URSA Gold Battery Plate

Gold mount compatible battery plate with Molex connector for attaching third party batteries to URSA cameras.


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Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro Shim Kit

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro Shim Kit

Set of 9 shims and baffle tool for making precise changes to the flange focal distance for URSA Mini Pro's EF, PL or B4 mount.


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Blackmagic 3G‑SDI Shield for Arduino

Blackmagic 3G‑SDI Shield for Arduino

Now you can control Blackmagic Design cameras by inserting control commands into the SDI feed from an Arduino!


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Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter

Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter

Connect cameras to live switchers up to 2 km away with video, talkback, control and power, all over a single cable!


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Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter

Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter

Connect to remote cameras up to 2 km away with multiple channels of video, talkback, control and power all over a single cable!


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Blackmagic Studio Fiber Rack Kit

Blackmagic Studio Fiber Rack Kit

Rack mount up to 2 Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converters side by side with this lightweight kit that’s perfect for road cases or equipment racks.


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ATEM Camera Control Panel

ATEM Camera Control Panel

Control up to 4 cameras at one time including iris, shutter speed, white balance, master gain, pedestal, RGB and more!


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ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

ATEM Television Studio Pro HD

The world’s first all in one live production switcher for broadcast and AV professionals with integrated hardware control panel, 4 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs, DVE, keyers, talkback, multi view and more!


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