Blackmagic RAW

The goal of the Blackmagic RAW SDK is to deliver efficient decoding of .braw files that is cross-platform, easy to use and powerful. It includes a highly optimised decoder and image processing pipeline that supports multiple CPU architectures and multiple GPU APIs in order to take full advantage of your machine. The CPU decoder has been designed to scale from laptops to workstations with a large number of cores, utilising SSE, AVX and AVX2 instructions if available. There are several GPU decoders available, including Metal, CUDA and OpenCL and the SDK has been designed for multi-GPU and multi-process capabilities allowing high level workstations to use all available resources. Plus you can store an additional layer of clip settings or modifications as metadata in a .sidecar file. The intent here is to not modify the original .braw file, so a user can manually deactivate the sidecar file with the ancillary settings to restore clip metadata to its original state. The Blackmagic RAW SDK is available on Mac, Windows, Linux and even iOS.


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