Perfect for any job, anywhere!

With two great models to choose from, Blackmagic MultiViews can be used for any job and in any location! MultiView 4 is small enough to be installed anywhere, even behind monitors or at the back of equipment racks using the optional rack shelf! When you have more than four sources, you can connect multiple MultiView 4’s together, or use MultiView 16 for larger installations. All Blackmagic MultiView models can also be remote controlled over Ethernet or with a hardware control panel!

Live Production

Portable and sharp camera monitoring!

Now you can monitor all of your cameras on a single television while on location or in the field to get a simple live production workflow. Blackmagic MultiViews are compact, lightweight and portable, making them perfect for fly away kits or broadcast trucks used for live production work! The Ultra HD output gives you higher resolution monitoring and amazing clarity so you can accurately check camera focus and see technical issues, which is super important when you're doing critical live production work!

Broadcast Control Rooms

Live feeds in any format, all on the same display!

With MultiView 16, you can build the most amazing master control rooms with massive wall mounted televisions displaying up to 16 video sources at the same time! With multi rate 6G-SDI inputs, loop outputs and automatic frame re-synchronization, you’ll be able to handle any type SD, HD or Ultra HD incoming feed up to 2160p30. MultiView 16 can be controlled from the front panel making it easy to reconfigure based on your needs for master control monitoring!

Broadcast Studio Production

Advanced monitoring for multi camera production

Blackmagic MultiView simplifies your multi camera studio production by consolidating all sources onto a single, high resolution Ultra HD display! Monitor cameras, see SDI tally, and quickly check for matching color, exposure and focus. With a single, high resolution display you get incredible clarity and never have to worry about calibrating multiple monitors again. You’ll be able to quickly see if the color on one camera is different and fix it before it becomes a problem!

Post Production

Get a full overview of your router

Blackmagic MultiView is the perfect solution for seeing all of the video that’s going through your facility! With its loop through video inputs and support for any video standard on any input, you can loop your SDI router outputs through the multi view and then use the monitoring to get a real time overview of your whole facility. You can even feed the Blackmagic MultiView SDI output back into your router so anyone in your company can quickly see whats going on facility wide! For larger installations, you can also control it remotely using Videohub hardware control panels over Ethernet!

Blackmagic MultiView

Blackmagic MultiView 4

Blackmagic MultiView 4

Monitor any combination of SD, HD and Ultra HD sources all on the same screen, at the same time!

Blackmagic MultiView 16

Blackmagic MultiView 16

Monitor up to 16 different SD, HD or Ultra HD sources on a single Ultra HD display at twice the resolution per view.


Compatible Accessories

Teranex Mini Smart Panel

Teranex Mini Smart Panel

Add front panel controls to your MultiView 4 so you can turn on labels, audio meters, borders, tally and adjust settings!

Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

Rack mount up to 3 Teranex Mini’s side by side with this lightweight, 1 RU shelf that’s perfect for road cases or equipment racks.