Desktop Capture and Playback

Blackmagic Design capture and playback products work with some of the world’s best software via the freely available Desktop Video SDK. This makes it incredibly easy to create your own custom solutions for one-off projects or for commercial products you will sell. DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity all use drivers, plugins and applications found in Desktop Video software and a lot of the heavy lifting is handled for you. The DeckLink SDK is cross platform, providing control of hardware and interfaces to allow you to easily perform common tasks! Plus, when purchasing in volume for use in your products, you can take advantage of great OEM discounts.


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Elaborazione video live con OpenCV

This video demonstrates the power of creating a custom video workflow by using Blackmagic capture and plackback products and developing with OpenCV for face detection and tracking, live and in realtime!

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Novità dal NAB 2024

Guarda il video per scoprire Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K, PYXIS 6K, DaVinci Resolve 19, ATEM Constellation 4K e i prodotti SMPTE-2110!



Nextologies used DeckLink Quad 2 covering the recent launch of SpaceX.

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Capture and Playback

World’s highest quality desktop video capture and playback

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DeckLink 8K Pro Mini

DeckLink 8K Pro Mini

Scheda 8K PCIe basso profilo di acquisizione e riproduzione per la produzione cinematografica di alta fascia. Include connessioni 12G-SDI quad link compatibili con tutti gli standard SD, HD, Ultra HD, 4K, e 8K.

DeckLink Quad 2

DeckLink Quad 2

Scheda video PCIe con 8 canali configurabili per la cattura e la riproduzione fino a 1080p60.

DeckLink Duo 2 Mini

DeckLink Duo 2 Mini

Scheda PCIe a basso profilo di acquisizione e riproduzione con 4 canali indipendenti per SD e HD fino al 1080p60.