Monitor Audio anywhere

Install anywhere you need precision audio monitoring and metering

12G Hero

Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G can be used in any location where you need precise audio level monitoring. The beautiful machined aluminum front panel and metal chassis contains easy to use controls and bright VU meter displays that can be seen clearly in any environment. It’s simple to connect your SDI video source or an external AES/EBU digital or analog audio source for crystal clear audio quality. The slim single rack unit design means you can fit a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G into any equipment rack, broadcast truck or flyway kit.

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Monitor feeds and transmissions

Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G is perfect in demanding fast paced broadcast environments where audio level monitoring is essential. You can install a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G in equipment racks near to decks and media servers, for monitoring incoming video feeds and other signals. In presentation suites and master control environments you need quick operation of audio metering equipment, easy to read displays and the highest quality audio. When connected to an SDI router you can send any SDI output to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G without ever needing to swap cables.

Post Production

Post Production

Create perfect masters

Connect a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G in your editing or grading suite and accurately monitor your project’s audio levels whilst you work! Whether monitoring embedded SDI audio or taking input from a separate audio mixing desk, you get a clearly visible display of levels. The built in LCD lets you monitor audio with confidence as you can match this to the picture being displayed on the screen, plus you get information on the channels being monitored and the format of the connected video signal.

Broadcast Trucks

Broadcast Trucks

Monitoring when you have no space

In broadcast trucks and smaller electronic news gathering situations it’s essential to quickly monitor audio levels of incoming signals and uplinks for transmission. The slim single rack unit design of the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G is perfect for installation into vans and smaller ENG flyaway kits. The ability to monitor your incoming video signal along with audio levels gives you a complete solution in an incredibly compact design. Install Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G next to a SmartScope Duo 4K for a larger picture display, waveform monitoring and audio level metering in a 4 rack unit configuration.

Audio Studio

Audio Studios

The sound quality you can trust

In audio suites the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G provides you with a larger than normal display of your audio levels. With 27 meter segments you can monitor from -45 to +3 dB, -12 to +12 db, or 0 to 7 dB depending on the scale you choose. When using separate audio mixing desks it’s important that you can check that incoming audio signals match their pictures. New Loudness metering lets you normalize audio levels for delivery to broadcast TV and other video formats using the LKFS scale (Loudness, K‑weighted, relative Full Scale). Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G makes it easy to master your audio to precisely the right levels!

Fly Away

Portable Fly Away Kit

Lightweight and Loud!

With a lightweight and strong machined metal chassis, the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G is perfect for flyaway kits. The slim design means you get a complete audio monitoring solution in a single rack unit. The built in speakers are powerful enough to be heard in control environments and you can connect headphones when you need to monitor in open areas. The 12G‑SDI input makes the Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G the ideal solution for Ultra HD production where you’re using ATEM live production switchers.


Tech Monitoring

Confidence at a glance!

You can accurately check the audio levels of all your output devices by connecting a Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G to each piece of equipment. When you’re working with audio from SDI video sources you can use an SDI router to send the required signal to the audio monitor’s input. The built in LCD lets you monitor audio and video in a single unit and the picture display includes information showing the video input format and audio channels being monitored.

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Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

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