Customize your URSA!


Every production has different requirements and you need the flexibility to be able to customize your camera rig for each project. URSA is a very “open” style of design that can be customized and upgraded over time for all kinds of creative work. With all types of mounting points, various lens mounts, battery mount compatibly and more, whenever your production has special needs you can simply add a wide range of accessories like lenses, professional microphones, LANC controllers, batteries, tripods, rails and more!

Photo and Professional Lenses

Use professional PL cinema or high
quality photo lenses!


Designed for the highest quality professional optics, Blackmagic URSA is available in four models with the choice of PL or EF lens mounts. Blackmagic URSA PL models are the perfect choice for using professional cinema lenses where no expense has been spared in designing the perfect optics! If you’re looking for a wider range of compatibility, as well as the ability to use amazing photographic lenses, then Blackmagic URSA EF models are the perfect choice because they are compatible with Canon or Zeiss SLR lenses and more! URSA EF models also include connections to actively control the lens for focus and iris adjustments.


Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder

The essential accessory for handheld shooting!

If you’re doing a lot of over the shoulder or tripod shooting outdoors, you’ll want to add a Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder! You get a high resolution 1920 x 1080 color display that lets you get incredibly accurate focus and the screen is so sharp that it’s impossible to see any individual pixels so it’s just like using an optical viewfinder on a traditional film camera. The viewfinder can be adjusted for either left or right eye use. Simply plug it into the power and SDI viewfinder output, then start shooting! The viewfinder even features a sensor that turns off the screen when you’re not using it to save power and extend the life of the OLED screen.

LANC Controllers

Remote camera and lens control

The 2.5mm LANC input jack lets you control the camera and lenses using external remote control products! LANC is a universal standard so that means you can find equipment from dozens of third party equipment manufacturers that will work with your URSA, so you can easily control camera start/stop and with active EF lenses you can also remotely control iris and focus!


Incredible Microphones

Select from the Audio Industry's best microphones

URSA features two XLR microphone inputs with 48V of switchable phantom power. That means you can use the highest quality professional microphones without needing to carry around extra power supplies or portable mixers! Phantom power allows you to select from the audio industry’s best quality microphones for the ultimate flexibility in audio. URSA has built in professional audio meters and level controls plus the audio recording uses absolutely no audio compression so you get the highest quality recordings right into your camera! That means you don’t have to carry around an external audio recorder, making it perfect for productions with a smaller crew!


Loads of Mounting Points

Use all types of professional 3rd party accessories

You get the flexibility to attach everything from professional tripods and pedestals to rails for lenses, boom microphones and much more! The base of URSA’s body is compatible with broadcast quick lock tripod plates and features a 3/8” mounting point for professional film and television base plates. You also get integrated rail holes that help you support the biggest lenses. The camera underside has been cleverly designed so you can simply push back the rails and keep them on your camera for use whenever required. The multiple 3/8” mounting points on the handle and top of the camera make it simple and fast to attach viewfinders, microphones or anything else you may need! You can even reverse the handle direction to move the mount holes forward of the camera body!

Professional Batteries

Professional mounts
and external power

URSA features a universal standard 4 pin broadcast power connector that is compatible with most 12V - 30V power supplies. When you’re location shooting and want to integrate a battery solution into the camera itself, then URSA includes mounting holes on the rear of the camera compatible with both V-Mount and Anton Bauer Gold Mount back plates and batteries. The power connection for these battery mounts is under the plate itself so all power connections are hidden and protected from damage. With V-Mount or Anton Bauer battery support built into the camera you can use your existing battery solutions and get hours of location use from a fully integrated battery solution that becomes part of the camera!

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Electronic Viewfinders

Monitor in 1080 HD even
when shooting Ultra HD!

When you need ENG style on the shoulder shooting, URSA features a separate down converted HD-SDI video output and a 12V power outlet that is dedicated for electronic view finders. The dedicated viewfinder output makes it simple to connect to third party EVFs or even additional on set LCD monitors, and power them directly from your camera. The viewfinder output includes all kinds of camera status information including frame rate, battery level, ISO setting, record format, record status, graticule markers and more. If you’re working in Ultra HD then for the best compatibly, the monitoring output can be selected to down convert to regular 1080 HD so you an use any third party monitoring or EVF, even regular televisions for on set monitoring!

Blackmagic URSA 4K

Blackmagic URSA EF

Blackmagic URSA EF

Revolutionary user upgradeable digital film camera with EF lens mount and 4K Super 35 sensor with global shutter, 12G-SDI, built in 10” monitor, dual CFast recorders, scopes, audio meters and more!

Blackmagic URSA PL

Blackmagic URSA PL

User upgradeable, full size digital film camera with film industry PL lens mount and 4K Super 35 sensor with global shutter, 12G-SDI, built in 10” monitor, dual CFast recorders, scopes, audio meters and more!


Blackmagic URSA 4.6K

Blackmagic URSA 4.6K EF

Blackmagic URSA 4.6K EF

User upgradeable digital film camera with EF lens mount and 4.6K Super 35 sensor with up to 15 stops of dynamic range, large 10” fold out monitor, dual CFast recorders, scopes, audio meters and more!

Blackmagic URSA 4.6K PL

Blackmagic URSA 4.6K PL

User upgradeable digital film camera with PL lens mount and 4.6K Super 35 sensor with up to 15 stops of dynamic range, large 10” fold out monitor, dual CFast recorders, scopes, audio meters and more!


Blackmagic URSA Accessories

Blackmagic PL Shim

URSA PL Shim Set

Set of 8 shims for changing the flange focal distance for PL lenses with URSA PL.

Blackmagic URSA VLock Battery Plate

URSA VLock Battery Plate

VLock compatible battery plate for attaching third party batteries to URSA cameras.

Blackmagic URSA Shoulder Kit

URSA Shoulder Mount Kit

Shoulder mount and rosette assembly for hand held shooting with Blackmagic URSA.

Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder

Blackmagic URSA Viewfinder

High resolution viewfinder for URSA range of cameras includes full HD OLED display and true glass optics for perfect focus.