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The perfect solution for broadcast and live production!

HyperDeck Studio has so many features, it’s perfect for any task in broadcast and live production! You can even use it to build large digital signs! One of the most common uses is for recording from live production switchers to create broadcast masters, or for ISO recording cameras for later editing. HyperDeck Studio can even be used as a clip player for animated broadcast graphics. There are models starting from the incredibly tiny HyperDeck Studio HD Mini, up to the full sized HyperDeck Studio Pro that features a larger control panel, both SSD and SD Card media and an elegant machined metal search dial with electronic clutch. All this means there is a model perfect for your needs.

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Master Recorder for Live Production

Master Recorder for Live Production

HyperDeck Studio is ideal for recording broadcast masters for live production work such as concerts, sport, business presentations, education seminars and more! The Plus and Pro models have both SDI and HDMI inputs so you can connect any live production switcher, or even an ATEM Mini. An ATEM Television Studio HD and a HyperDeck Studio HD Mini will even both fit in a single rack unit! When recording masters, you can select H.264 video and AAC audio, for long record times, small files and full compatibility with YouTube. That’s also perfect for archiving as files take up very little storage space. Plus H.264 files can be directly played on smart TVs, phones and tablets!

ATEM Constellation 8K
ATEM Constellation 8K Workflow

ISO Recording for Editing

HyperDeck Studio is ideal for recording multiple camera feeds on live production. Plus the compact size means you can fit three HyperDeck Studio HD Minis or two HyperDeck Studio HD Plus models in a single rack unit, so you get dramatically reduced weight and size for a multi-camera ISO recording rig. You can even loop the SDI out from each HyperDeck to send each camera feed to a MultiView so you can see all cameras on a single screen! All HyperDeck Studio models have built in reference and timecode generators, so you can simply loop from the first one to other HyperDecks in a stack and they will all be in perfect sync with matching timecode. That's perfect for later multi-cam editing!

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Large digital signs are incredibly popular and can be found on buildings worldwide. HyperDeck Studio is a great solution for video walls because you can create an array of synchronized HyperDeck players that can be used to drive large LED screens that use multiple video resolution panels. All models have both SDI and HDMI video output so you can create large displays with professional LED panels, or even multiple large screen televisions! With fast Ethernet and support for H.264 and H.265 files, you can remote manage and upload content to signs even if the sign is hard to access! Plus with built in sync generators, you can loop sync to multiple HyperDecks to build displays of unlimited size!

HyperDeck Studio 4K Workflow
Archive and Monetize Classic TV Shows

Archive and Monetize Classic TV Shows!

There are millions of hours of news, sports and TV programs in videotape archives around the world! As videotape deteriorates over time, it needs to be digitized before it’s lost forever. All SD and HD standards are supported and you can record direct from old decks such as Digital Betacam. Or you can record from analog decks such as Betacam SP, 1", U‑matic and VHS by using an analog to SDI converter. That means a whole vault of videotape can be shrunk down and archived onto a single hard disk when using modern H.264 files. Plus H.264 files are perfect for streaming services as they can be directly uploaded. That means you can give new life and monetize your vintage TV shows!

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Animated Broadcast Graphics

Animated Broadcast Graphics

Animated graphics bring a whole new excitement to live production! HyperDeck Studio is a great solution for playing titles, edited packages, action replays, advertisements and more. HyperDeck Studio Plus and Pro models can play ProRes 4444 files that include an alpha channel and the deck will convert in real time to separate SDI fill and key video outputs for layering in a live production switcher. You can create an unlimited library of animated titles, lower thirds and bugs that will be perfectly keyed in the switcher. Plus ATEM switchers can control the HyperDecks to trigger transitions or macros. This means HyperDeck Studio will always give you true broadcast quality results.

Animated Broadcast Graphics Workflow
Weddings, Funerals and Church Services

Weddings, Funerals and Church Services

Now you can add professional broadcast quality to weddings, funerals and other church services so they can be uploaded or played back later. You can use multiple cameras with an ATEM live production switcher and then record the program with HyperDeck Studio. One of the most popular uses is to playback previously recorded services to HDMI screens or large projectors so congregations who were unable to attend the church during busy times won't miss out! Plus the H.264 record files are so small, you can create a massive archive of content that’s accessible for years into the future. Imagine uploading years of church services online!

Weddings, Funerals and Church Services Workflow
Live Non-Stop Broadcast Archive

Live Non-Stop Broadcast Archive

Television networks need to constantly archive their broadcast so they can ensure advertisers or government agencies get an accurate record of what has been put to air. All HyperDeck Studio models feature dual media slots for non-stop continuous recording. That means you can change full media cards without interrupting the recording. Recording automatically spills to the next free card, so you can record forever! A 1TB SD card can record in H.264 for up to 157 hours in 1080p59.94, that's nearly 1 week of broadcasting on a single card! The status lights on the slot will show you the active card, and flash when a card starts to fill. Plus the LCD includes additional record status information.

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Compact Camera Field Recorder

Customizable and Immersive Video Displays

Museums, galleries, shopping malls and even office entrances use video screens to create excitement and increase visitor engagement! You can create an immersive, multi-screen experience by using HyperDeck Studio as a video server for content. The HyperDeck Ethernet protocol lets you integrate with a custom app to trigger playback from a HyperDeck using a simple touch screen! By daisy chaining multiple decks together, you can create massive LED video walls, or wrap the screens around the viewer for a totally immersive experience. With HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro, you can even use the quality of Ultra HD for mind blowing detail on each display!

Compact Camera Field Recorder Workflow
Compact Camera Field Recorder

Compact Camera Field Recorder

Now it’s easy to head into the field with HyperDeck Studio as a secondary camera recorder. You can record smaller ProRes, DNx or H.264 files while the camera is recording larger RAW files. Because HyperDeck can trigger recording via SDI or timecode run, both the camera and the HyperDeck can be triggered to record by the camera operator at the push of a button. Broadcast style transport buttons and the search dial makes reviewing shots extremely fast. You can even playback to an SDI reference monitor or HDMI screen so crews can critically review shots and keep production moving. The Plus and Pro models include an SDI monitor out, so you can see an overlay of recording metadata.

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HyperDeck Studio

HyperDeck Studio HD Mini

HyperDeck Studio HD Mini

Miniaturized deck records H.264, ProRes or DNxHD files onto SD/UHS-II cards or external USB disks in SD/HD formats to 1080p60. Includes timecode and reference generators, 3G-SDI in/out and HDMI out.


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HyperDeck Studio HD Plus

HyperDeck Studio HD Plus

Includes features of the Mini model plus better transport controls, front panel headphone and speaker, 6G-SDI and fill and key out. Supports all codecs up to 1080p60 and ProRes and DNxHD to 2160p30.


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HyperDeck Studio HD Pro

HyperDeck Studio HD Pro

Includes all the features of the Plus model, and adds 2 SSD slots as well as the 2 SD card slots. Also includes machined metal search dial with clutch, SDI monitor out and XLR timecode connections.


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HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro

This extremely powerful Ultra HD model records and plays H.264/5, ProRes and DNx files in all SD, HD and Ultra HD standards up to 2160p60. Records SD and HD in H.264 and Ultra HD in H.265.


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Blackmagic Universal Rack Shelf

Blackmagic Universal Rack Shelf

Build a custom 1RU solution with Blackmagic Universal Rack Shelf. Mix and match 1/3 and 1/2 rack width Studio Converter, ATEM, HyperDeck Studio, Web Presenter, Teranex Mini and UltraStudio products.


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DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor

DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor

Editor panel specifically designed for multi-cam editing for news cutting and live sports replay. Includes buttons to make camera selection and editing extremely fast! Connects via Bluetooth or USB‑C.


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