Blackmagic Studio Cameras

The World’s Most Customizable Studio Camera!

Blackmagic Studio Camera works with a wide range of professional broadcast camera accessories so it can be customized to meet the needs of your production. A 12V power supply and tripod mount are included but you can also add a wide range of Blackmagic Design and third party accessories such as teleprompters or external batteries. The active Micro Four Thirds or EF lens mounts support a wide range of high quality photographic lenses. While broadcast standard video and audio connections let you use switchers and professional microphones. Plus you get mounting points for adding accessories like rails, matte boxes and more. All this means you get the most flexible studio camera available!

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EF Lens

MFT Lens

Use Photography or Cinematic Lenses

The MFT and EF lens mounts support an incredibly wide range of high quality photographic lenses, including lenses you may already own! Photographic lenses come in a variety of focal lengths such as extreme zoom lenses for detailed close ups of your talent, wide angle lenses which are perfect for capturing crowds, high speed lenses for low light conditions and even lenses with image stabilization for smooth tracking shots. The Studio Camera 6K Pro model features an active EF lens mount that works with a wide range of lenses from Canon, Sigma, Zeiss and others. The Micro Four Thirds mount on the 4K models supports a variety of high quality compact lenses from Olympus, Panasonic and Sigma.

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Professional Talkback Headsets

Talkback keeps camera operators and crew in touch with each other, working seamlessly as a single team during live productions. The industry standard 5 pin XLR connection on Blackmagic Studio Camera Pro models works with professional headsets from brands such as Sennheiser, Clear-Com and Beyerdynamic. This lets you use single ear models in quiet, controlled studio environments or noise canceling headsets for the loudest concert and sporting venues. All Studio Camera models also have a 3.5mm headset connector which lets you use simple headphones that often come bundled with smartphones. These options let you use the headsets you currently have and upgrade to broadcast headsets when you’re ready!

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Blackmagic Focus and Zoom Demands

Blackmagic Focus and Zoom demands allow you to adjust the focus and zoom of compatible photographic lenses without the need to reach around the camera. They attach to the tripod handles via the included mounting hardware so you can focus on framing the right shot without taking your hands off the tripod. The focus demand works with active MFT or EF lenses while the zoom demand is compatible with power zoom MFT or EF lenses. Plus the zoom demand has additional customizable buttons that let you fine tune the zoom speed, engage talkback or even set ND filters on the 6K Pro. Blackmagic Focus and Zoom demands make still photography lenses feel like expensive broadcast lenses without the cost!

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Phantom Powered Professional Microphones

Blackmagic Studio Cameras have professional audio inputs and high quality recording built in so you don’t need to carry around a phantom power supply or portable mixer! The built in 48V phantom power of the Blackmagic Studio Camera Pro allows you to connect condenser microphones that normally require a separate DC power supply. Or connect boom mics, presenter mics, shotgun mics and much more! You can also select to link audio inputs on the camera so you can record mono microphones, such as lapel microphones, on to both channels of the recorded file. Plus the large 7″ touchscreen viewfinder makes it easy to monitor and adjust audio levels which is vital for fast moving live productions!

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Connect Broadcast Teleprompters

Teleprompters help talent to present to camera with greater confidence and can add a lot of professionalism to your production. The tripod mount included with Blackmagic Studio Cameras lets you add rails to your camera, making it easy to attach a teleprompter for when you need the presenter to look at the camera while reading a script. You can use expensive broadcast quality screen and mirror rigs or, for smaller setups, there are affordable, lightweight teleprompters that use tablet computers, iPads and even smartphones! Or you can even use a HyperDeck Shuttle which lets you turn any HDMI monitor into a teleprompter and use its large, built in search dial to easily scroll the script!

Blackmagic Studio Converter

The Blackmagic Studio Converter gives you a similar workflow to expensive SMPTE fiber using a single low cost 10G copper Ethernet cable. All camera video, program return, tally, talkback, camera control and even power are sent down a single cable. This means you can place the camera a long way from the switcher as the camera doesn’t need a separate power source. At the studio end, the Blackmagic Studio Converter includes multiple connections for video, audio and talkback. You could connect one of the SDI camera outputs to a switcher and the other to an ISO recorder such as HyperDeck Studio to record a clean feed. At the camera end it’s so simple, just plug in one cable and you’re ready!

Wide Range of Video Connections

1. Speaker with ON/OFF

Press the button to monitor audio via built in speaker.

2. Menu Buttons

Choose a source to monitor on the LCD and set menu options.

3. LCD Display

Shows video, on-air status, video format, Ethernet status, audio meters and menus.

4. Headphones

1/4" audio jack for monitoring audio with headphones.

5. Front USB-C

USB for updating the internal software.

6. Call Button

Alerts the camera operator or talent by flashing the camera tally.

7. Search Dial

Compact search dial for scrolling through menus.

Wide Range of Video Connections

1. Talkback

Connect to talkback systems such as ClearCom or RTS.

2. Timecode In and Out

Timecode generator connections for timecode syncing cameras.

3. Analog Tally and Audio In

Industry standard tally and analog audio input.

4. Camera Outputs

Main camera 12G-SDI camera feed supports HD and Ultra HD.

5. Camera Ethernet

10G Ethernet to camera with 90W of PoE remote camera power.

6. AC Power

High capacity power supply supports power to connected camera.

7. Ethernet

Connects to local network for updates and settings.

8. Reference In and Out

Built in sync generator connections for referencing cameras.

9. 3G SDI Monitor Out

Dedicated 3G-SDI monitoring output with graphic overlays.

10. Return Inputs

Program return feeds, one for the camera LCD and one for the camera HDMI output.

Includes Tripod Mount

Tripod Mount Included

Blackmagic Studio Camera is easy to attach to a variety of tripods and even camera supports such as cranes, whether you’re in the studio or on location. The included tripod mount makes setup easy and simply slides on common video tripod heads. It also has two horizontal mounting holes so you add optional rails for heavy items such as teleprompters. The base of the Studio Camera has two 1/4″ mounting points for attaching the camera to quick release plates, plus one 3/8″ mounting point for use with high end broadcast studio pedestals. Standard video tripods are portable and let you quickly set up for outside broadcast shoots, while pedestals are ideal for smooth camera mobility in a studio.

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Use AC or battery power

Blackmagic Studio Camera lets you power your camera in a way that suits your production’s needs, whether you’re in the studio or on location! All models have a 12V DC locking power connector, while the Pro models add 4 pin XLR broadcast power for external 12V–18V power supplies. You can even connect both for redundancy! When you’re in the studio, just plug it into AC mains power for all day shooting. Then, when you need to move your camera to a location without power, you can use 12V batteries with the 4 pin XLR power connector or the locking power connector. If you’re using a Blackmagic Studio Converter, you can even power the camera and handle all signals using a single Ethernet cable!

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Blackmagic Studio Camera

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Plus G2

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Plus G2

The perfect mini studio camera features a cinematic 4K sensor up to 25,600 ISO, MFT lens mount, 12G-SDI and HDMI, 3.5mm talkback, 7" LCD with sunshade, color corrector and recording to USB disks.


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Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro G2

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro G2

Designed for professional SDI switchers, you get the features of the Studio Camera Plus, as well as 12G‑SDI, XLR audio, bright HDR LCD, 5-pin XLR talkback, 10G Ethernet IP link and HD live streaming.


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Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro

Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro

Designed as the most advanced ultra portable studio camera, this model has the features of the Studio Camera 4K G2 Pro model plus a larger 6K sensor, EF lens mount and remote controllable ND filters.


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Blackmagic Studio Converter

Blackmagic Studio Converter

Get the same workflow as SMPTE fiber, but using low cost 10G copper Ethernet cables. This converter will power the camera via the Ethernet cable and convert the camera and program return feeds to SDI.


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Blackmagic Focus Demand

Blackmagic Focus Demand

Get accurate focus control with Blackmagic Studio Cameras. Eliminates the need to reach for the lens because you can control the lens direct from the tripod handles, just like a true broadcast lens.


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Blackmagic Zoom Demand

Blackmagic Zoom Demand

Get zoom control of MFT lenses with power zoom when using Blackmagic Studio Cameras. Now you can control lens zoom from the tripod handles! Even includes buttons for triggering camera functions.


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Blackmagic 58mm Lens Cap

Blackmagic 58mm Lens Cap

The 58mm lens cap easily snaps on to protect your camera’s lens from scratches, dust, moisture, and fingerprints when the camera is not in use.


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ATEM Streaming Bridge

ATEM Streaming Bridge

New video converter that lets you receive a H.264 stream from Blackmagic Studio Camera Pro and convert it back to SDI and HDMI video so you can send it to remote locations around your local Ethernet network, or via the internet globally!


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