Videohub allows you to work the way you want to

Adding Videohub to your facility will completely change how you work. Videohub adds a level of integration between creative users that previously only the largest facilities could afford.


Connect your Editing Workstations

If you've had experience with routing switchers, you will know that they can be a confusing mess of connectors that even rocket scientists would have trouble understanding. Videohub is different and designed for normal creative users to get up and running in seconds. Each user's connections are grouped in simple 1-16 connector blocks on the rear panel, with each user having a video input, video output, monitoring output and deck control connector. Connect the inputs and outputs to your editing system's inputs and outputs and then deck control to your editing system's deck control port using a pin-for-pin DB-9 serial control cable. Now set the deck control port to input. It's that easy.


Connect your Broadcast Decks

Connecting your broadcast decks is simple. Plug-in the video inputs and outputs, then connect the deck control port on the deck to the deck control port on the router using a pin-for-pin DB-9 serial cable. You can also connect older analog decks using an analog to SDI conversion, such as the popular Mini Converter Analog to SDI. That takes care of conversion from analog to digital and back, as well as embedding audio in SDI video connections.


Need Client Dubbing?

Adding consumer grade decks for client dubbing is easy, and you can use spare output such as one of the SDI monitoring outputs. You can add digital to analog conversion to connect video and audio to VHS and DVD recorders. Now you can dub from any source on the router, either from a deck or edit suite. You can even run client dubs while you're mastering to tape. A flexible option for doing client dubs in your edit suite is to loop video from your in-suite monitoring to consumer decks. This allows you to start client dubs without even leaving your editing suite!


Connect to Everything, Everywhere

Videohub uses standard definition and high definition SDI connections, so you can connect any device used in television production. You can connect editing systems, decks and even equipment within telecine suites. Use the Videohub for connectivity within the telecine workflow, such as color correction noise reduction, frame stores and disk recorders. You can use two inputs and outputs on Videohub for routing dual link 4:4:4 video. Videohub can even be used in transmission and streaming control because IP based sharing can be used from remote locations.


Deck to Deck Dubbing

Often tapes need to be cloned by deck to deck dubbing, and if needed, compile a few masters quickly onto a single tape. Almost all broadcast decks feature a simple auto edit controller for deck to deck editing. Unlike other routers, Videohub can handle deck to deck editing by reversing the serial port connections on the recorder deck. Say goodbye to complicated manual patch panels that are messy and complex to use. Once you've used routing in your facility and experienced how great it is to always have instant connections between equipment, you'll wonder how you ever did without it! Order Videohub for your facility today.

Universal Videohub
Universal Videohub 72 Card based router frame supports up to 72 x 72 3G-SDI and 72 control. 13 425 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub 72 Crosspoint Crosspoint card for Universal Videohub 72 with ethernet control. 13 425 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub SDI Interface 3G-SDI interface for Universal Videohub. 4 x SDI in, out and deck control. 1 735 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub Optical Fiber Interface Optical fiber interface for Universal Videohub. 4 x SDI in, out and deck control. 4 299 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub 450W Power Card Low cost power card for Universal Videohub supports power bricks up to 450W. 1 735 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub 12V 150W Power Supply 12V 150W Power supply for Universal Videohub 72. 475 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub Deck Control Cable Interface card remote cable with 4 x 9 pin deck control connections. 339 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub 288 Card based router frame up to 288 x 288 3G-SDI, 288 control and redundancy. 44 605 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub 288 Crosspoint Crosspoint card for Universal Videohub 288 with ethernet control. 40 175 zł Kup teraz
Universal Videohub Power Supply Rack based power supply and card for Universal Videohub for large routers. 12 945 zł Kup teraz