Blackmagic Web Presenter

Turn any live production into a global internet broadcast!

Blackmagic Web Presenter allows anyone to broadcast high quality video directly to the internet’s most popular sites and services in full 1080 HD quality! Plug and play support for professional 12G-SDI sources such as cameras and live production switchers allows you to deliver far superior video, while retaining the ease of use and software compatibly of a traditional webcam. The 12G-SDI input features Teranex down conversion technology, so incoming HD or Ultra HD inputs are automatically converted to high quality, low data rate 1080p HD.

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Get your broadcast channel online quickly to a global audience!

Broadcasters can turn any live production into a global web broadcast because Blackmagic Web Presenter makes it easy to get your program onto popular streaming services such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live and more. Blackmagic Web Presenter includes a 12G-SDI input which supports all HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60, and automatically down converts to high quality 1080p60. That means you can connect 12G‑SDI video sources such as a live production switcher or camera, and instantly transmit it over the internet to the entire world! You can even include Blackmagic Web Presenter in OB vans and equipment kits to use it as a backup video link with software such as Skype!


High quality live streaming of seminars and conferences!

If you’re an AV professional, Blackmagic Web Presenter is the best way to get your client’s seminars, training and conferences online instantly! When you need to live stream multiple cameras and laptop presentations, simply add a live production switcher such as an ATEM Television Studio HD. You can have a presenter on camera, a wide shot of the room and a slide show on a computer, then switch between them using broadcast quality dissolves! The 12G-SDI loop out can be used to record a master of the event onto an external deck for archiving, or to send the program to a Blackmagic Duplicator 4K so you can make copies to SD cards and sell them to attendees the minute the event is over!

Conference Streaming

Increase production value to create better looking programs!

Now your webinars can look better than ever, because Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you stream 1080HD instead of low resolution webcams. It simplifies all of the setup so you can get online quickly and focus on delivering your content to subscribers! If you have an SDI and a HDMI camera to connect, you can add an ATEM Television Studio HD which will allow you to add muliple video sources. Simply plug in your cameras, connect to your Web Presenter, and start streaming to your favorite websites. You can also connect audio sources to ATEM Mini Television Studio’s HiFi inputs to have music playing in the background with a slide on screen while your audience waits for the presentation to start.


Stream business briefings, sales meetings, training and more!

Skype is one of the world’s most popular chat and video conference software. It’s great for teleconferences and group calls when you need to host online meetings, training, or even product launches. Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you use any professional SDI source such as a live production switcher or camera with Skype, instantly upgrading your video quality from webcam to broadcast quality! Simply connect your computer via USB and Skype will see it as a simple but high quality web camera! You can even turn your Skype video calls into a software demo just by plugging your computer or gaming console input into a Micro Converter HDMI to SDI 3G!

Skype Presentations

Live stream concerts and recitals!

Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you live stream school plays, recitals, and other student performances to online services such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. That means parents and family members that are unable to attend in person can now view the performance from anywhere! It’s easy to set up in the back of an auditorium. All you need is a camera, an internet connection from your cell phone and a Blackmagic Web Presenter! Since the set up is so easy, you’ll be able to start streaming and then relax and enjoy the show! You can even add a Blackmagic Duplicator 4K to create copies of the live event on SD cards as it’s happening so you can distribute them at the end!

School Performances

Build a following and extend your reach online!

Blackmagic Web Presenter allows you to revolutionize education and training so you can take your tutorials to the next level by streaming them online! You can host intimate one on one sessions with private clients over Skype, or broadcast your sessions to a greater audience through services such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and more. Best of all, once you place cameras in your training studio, all you have to do is turn them on, connect Blackmagic Web Presenter to your computer and start broadcasting live.

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Blackmagic Web Presenter

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD

Self contained streaming solution with broadcast H.264 encoder, direct streaming to services such as YouTube, USB webcam, 12G‑SDI input with standards conversion, front panel with LCD, and more.


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Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

Teranex Mini Rack Shelf

The optional Teranex Mini Rack Shelf lets you rack mount a Blackmagic Web Presenter when installing into larger broadcast systems. The rack shelf supports 3 modules so you can combine it with ATEM Television Studio HD, HyperDeck Studio Mini, Blackmagic MultiView 4 or Teranex Mini converters!


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