The massively expandable
impossibly small studio camera!

The Micro Studio Camera 4K is the world’s smallest and most expandable professional studio camera! You get an Ultra HD camera that works with an incredibly wide range of professional, high resolution lenses and has a unique new expansion port that lets you create completely customized solutions. Built in 6G-SDI lets you connect the Micro Studio Camera to switchers for live program production.

Extremely Small

The smallest Ultra HD studio camera head

With a design only 2.57 inches high, 3.25 inches wide and 2.74 inches deep, it’s the smallest Ultra HD broadcast studio camera in the world. It’s barely larger than the lens mount itself. That makes the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera small enough to use it on set in hidden locations such as in cereal boxes or even a teapot to get interesting angles that you couldn’t otherwise get with a full size camera! Even with one of the ultra slim Micro Four Thirds lenses attached you still have a full studio camera that you can place anywhere.

82.4 mmWIDTH

3.24 in WIDTH

69.5 mmDEPTH

2.74 in DEPTH

65.8 mmHEIGHT

2.6 in HEIGHT


11 oz WEIGHT

Strong Magnesium Alloy Core

Small and lightweight with an incredibly solid chassis

The core chassis and lens mount of the Micro Studio Camera 4K are made from the same unique magnesium alloy that’s used to build high performance racing car wheels. That means you get a super strong camera that’s also lightweight! There are two ¼ thread mount points located on the top and bottom of the camera that can be used for securely fastening the camera onto pedestals, cranes, broadcast platforms or any other custom rig that you design.

Body & Lens Mount

Completely Customizable

Create a customized studio camera for your live productions

No other professional studio camera allows so much customization. With an open standard lens mount, both SDI and HDMI video connections and the unique expansion port you get massive opportunities to build out your camera with custom power options, B4 lens data commands and more. Add professional microphones such as wireless clips and shot gun mics that plug into the external Mic input. Using both the top and bottom mount points you can securely fasten the camera into what ever rig you need.

Open Standard MFT Lens Mount

Use any type of lens that’s available

The Micro Four Thirds lens mount allows you to select from a wide range of photo quality, interchangeable lenses that give you control over focal length, aperture setting and performance. Because the MFT lens mount is open standard, you can select lenses from multiple manufacturers or select lens mount adapters so you can convert to virtually any lens mount available today such as B4 for broadcast lenses, PL cinema lenses or even other types of photographic lenses. Select from fast primes, wide angles with infinite focus or even specialty lenses like macro or tilt and shift lenses. You can even control MFT lenses remotely via the SDI program input from your switcher!


Broadcast Connections

SDI, camera control, audio and more

The Micro Studio Camera 4K features 6G-SDI using high quality mini BNC connections that are multi rate so you can use it with either HD or Ultra HD equipment. When using the camera with an ATEM switcher you can control the camera using the CCU protocol so you can change camera settings, adjust focus and even color correct the image remotely! You get a 3.5mm microphone input that works with both mic and line level devices along with a 3.5mm headphone jack that supports iPhone ear bud style headset with microphone for Talkback!

Shown with Blackmagic Video Assist

Integrated Talkback and Tally

Always know when you are on air

The Micro Studio Camera 4K uses the ATEM standard talkback and tally protocol that sends tally signals over SDI so you don't need dedicated tally cables. The tally light on top of the camera illuminates automatically when the camera is live, If the director and camera operators need to communicate during production, an iPhone compatible headset with microphone can be added using the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Setup is easy because talkback is embedded in the SDI video connection to the camera, so you don’t have to run separate talkback cables!

Stereo Mic

Removeable Battery

Rechargeable and removable LP-E6 batteries

To ensure your camera never loses power during a critical live production, you can add a Canon compatible LP-E6 battery. These are readily available, are rechargeable and simply snap right onto the back of the camera. The camera’s DC power input is available on the expansion port breakout cable and allows you to plug into any DC power source and the camera will trickle charge the battery so the battery is fully charged and ready to take over if you inadvertently lose power to the camera.


Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K

Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K

Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K

The world’s smallest HD and Ultra HD live studio camera that can be remote controlled via SDI. Includes 6G-SDI, built in color corrector, talkback, tally, PTZ control, MFT lens mount and B4 lens control output. Fully controllable from ATEM switchers.


Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K Accessories

Blackmagic Video Assist 4K

Blackmagic Video Assist 4K

Add professional monitoring and broadcast quality recording to any HD or Ultra HD camera!

Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield

Blackmagic 3G-SDI Arduino Shield

Now you can control Blackmagic Design cameras by inserting control commands into the SDI feed from an Arduino!

LP-E6 Battery

LP-E6 Battery

Order Code:
2000 mAH LP-E6 compatible lithium-ion rechargeable battery compatible with Blackmagic Video Assist and Blackmagic Micro Cameras.

Micro Studio Camera 4K Expansion Cable

Micro Studio Camera 4K Expansion Cable

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Add 12V power, reference input, LANC, B4 lens control, PTZ control and S.Bus digital servo connections to Micro Studio Camera 4K with this expansion cable.

B4 Control Adapter Cable

B4 Control Adapter Cable

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Adapter cable for connecting B4 broadcast lenses to Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K. Supports digital lens control and powers lens from external power supply.