DaVinci Resolve 12.5


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Hollywood post houses have built some of the fastest networks and super computer systems on the planet because they’re working on major motion pictures for the big studios. They’re dealing with incredibly high resolution images, massive amounts of data and super tight deadlines. They are also working with some of the most demanding clients in the world! When it comes to final color and image enhancement, Hollywood turns to DaVinci Resolve because they can build massive, multi GPU systems, connect them to high speed storage area networks and work in real time, all while the client is watching!

Unlimited Power

Computer based solutions are always limited to the single computer you’re running on. DaVinci Resolve on Linux smashes this limitation, because it’s based on a cluster of Linux computers with high performance GPU cards, so all processing is always real time. This means DaVinci Resolve has all the power of a super computer for the real time performance you need when you’re in a room full of clients. Add dozens of primaries, secondaries, power windows, multi point tracking, blurs and more, then just hit play. It always works.

Super Computer Based Grading

When you need the power to do the world’s leading feature films, television commercials and programming, DaVinci Resolve is the solution that allows you to expand without limits. Simply build your own “super computer” to allow high speed processing to handle high frame rates and high resolutions beyond 4K. It’s easy to buy a multi GPU off the shelf system such as the new Apple MacPro or customize your own multi GPU system. Fast workstations can be based on expander chassis or large workstation class PC’s with multiple clustered GPU cards. Your DaVinci Resolve specialist reseller can recommend the computing platform you need customized specifically for your type of work you need to do.

Storage Area
Network Collaboration

The multi GPU processing power of DaVinci Resolve systems means you can process at incredible speed. When working with multiple people collaborating on large jobs, a storage area network “SAN” is ideal for allowing everyone to access the same media. Storage area networks allow a high speed direct connection to shared storage and are commonly used by leading Hollywood facilities with the power they need to work in real time and always have access to the material they need! DaVinci Resolve has all the shared project database and collaborative features to handle large SAN based workflows so you can keep growing into the largest television facility in the world!

Complex Facility Management

DaVinci Resolve systems are perfect when you’re a mid range facility that regularly handles multiple jobs at the same time and then can suddenly need to handle very large feature film jobs. The perfect solution is to use a central equipment room with multiple DaVinci Resolve systems installed and then combine facility design into large client based areas, or a theatrette and then multiple smaller spaces where colorists and editors can quietly work without clients. Then when you have a client arrive, simply patch monitoring into the large rooms so you can transfer jobs between spaces instantly. This is a fantastic solution to optimizing the space in a post production facility and allows you to grow large without limits.

DaVinci Resolve Complex Facility Management