Fusion 8

Motion Graphics

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Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics artists and broadcast designers use Fusion to create everything from animated broadcast promos and station idents, to incredible title sequences and animations for feature films, episodic television shows, and even commercials! With Fusion, you’re not limited to working with 2D elements, you can import 3D objects and scenes from other applications, or build your own from scratch! Fusion lets you composite elements in a true 3D workspace and then apply hundreds of built in effects, 3D particles and more!

True 3D Workspace

Designing motion graphics in a 3D environment can open up your designs by introducing a greater sense of space and realism! Fusion’s advanced 3D workspace uses cameras, light sources and even true 3D geometry from Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max and more! You can even build 3D objects entirely from scratch inside of Fusion! Create motion paths that weave through fog and lighting in 3D space! Fusion does all this with GPU hardware acceleration to create a highly interactive design space!

Integrated 3D Particles with Physics

Fusion’s 3D particle system lets you build fantastic particle effects that glow, swirl and sparkle! You can add forces like avoidance, gravity and bounce that influence and alter your particles in natural ways. Particles can use true 3D geometry, change color over their duration or even emit other particles! Best of all particles are integrated within the 3D workspace, which means they can swirl, surround and bounce off of other elements in your scene! The combination of Fusion’s infinite 3D work space and amazing particle system lets you create sequences that just aren’t possible in 2D applications!

Quick and Easy Keying

Broadcast designers need a variety of tools to solve the wide range of problematic green screen and blue screen shots, that’s why Fusion includes both the industry standard Primatte keyer, Fusion’s exclusive ultra keyer as well as luma, chroma and alpha keyers to generate mattes. You also have fluid Bezier and B-spline rotoscoping tools with their unique onion skinning display to intuitively see how your masks animate over time! With Fusion you’ll be able to pull perfect keys every time, so you always get the best looking composites!

Columbia Pictures, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo image courtesy of Blur Studio

Amazing 2D and 3D Title Design

Create amazing animated titles using Fusion’s advanced 2D and 3D text tools! You get all of the traditional formatting controls you expect like font, size, kerning and alignment, along with support for international languages so you can even use right to left and vertical text! Extrude text in 3D, add reflections, bump maps, cast shadows and even map video onto your text! The unique follower tool makes animating individual characters incredibly intuitive! Fly text on and off, ripple a glow through your characters, or navigate extruded 3D text through your scene!

3D Logo Animation

Commercials and main title sequences often need to have animated client logos. Import and render 3D logos from Cinema 4D, 3ds Max or Maya and then animate them using Fusion’s 3D toolset! You can apply materials, depth of field and even bend, taper and twist the 3D logos for true 3D animation! Fusion can also import and animate 2D vector (SVG) files, which can be exported from popular applications like Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Inkscape.

Built In Vector Paint

The paint tool in Fusion is an extremely flexible, vector design tool for creating animated flourishes, image cloning, or to create entirely new images from scratch! Change the type of brush used, the color, texture and the effect of the brush on the image. Brush strokes can be made into editable splines so you can modify the shape, length and size over time! For even finer control, take advantage of a pressure sensitive tablet to control opacity and size of a stroke as you paint!

Create and Illuminate Realistic Surfaces

Fusion’s 3D workspace goes beyond simply positioning objects in 3D and adding cameras! You can design very detailed scenes using realistic light sources and control ambient, directional and point lights to create your environment. Cast shadows onto 3D geometry using the spot light. Fusion lets you decide how objects within the scene respond to the light using textures, materials and shaders! You can even change the appearance of 3D objects to make them look organic or smooth and shiny!

Import Photoshop files with layers

Bring your graphic designs from Adobe Photoshop into Fusion for building motion graphic animations. Fusion can use the entire photoshop image, a single layer or all layers individually! Layers in the Photoshop file automatically become nodes, making it easy to get started with your animation. Even Photoshop blend modes are preserved inside of Fusion! The individual layers can be manipulated with any tool and animated within Fusion’s 3D workspace. Fusion finally gives Photoshop users a way to animate graphics in a true 3D environment!

Instantly Design Repeating 3D patterns

Getting your designs on screen often requires unique tools that not only help you work, but also inspire you to be more creative! Fusion’s replicate 3D tool lets you duplicate 3D elements automatically to create rows of objects that can fill any pattern. Use 3D geometry that you create in Fusion or import models from 3D applications like Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D! Create amazing ripple motions by simply offsetting animation parameters of the replicated items! For a more organic feel, use the randomize controls to add subtle variations to position, size, rotation and even timing! Using replicate you can deliver 3D design elements that are nearly impossible to create anywhere else!

Spline Based Keyframing

When it comes to animating elements in your design, Fusion includes a broad range of precise controls so you get the movement you want! The incredibly flexible curve editor uses intuitive splines for creating smooth motion between keyframes. Various interpolation methods, such as Linear, Bezier and B-Splines, let you apply custom keyframe curves that can loop, reverse, or ping pong for easily creating sophisticated animations. You can also move, stretch and squish groups of keyframes using the Transform box for quickly creating incredible variations!

Third Party OpenFX plug-ins

For even more creative options Fusion Studio users can expand their toolset by adding the industry’s best 3rd party OpenFX plug-ins! Use plug-ins from popular companies like GenArts, RE; Vision Effects and BorisFX to get the latest designs and most popular effects!

Fusion Connect

Fusion Connect lets DaVinci Resolve and Avid Media Composer editors take advantage of Fusion’s massive visual effects and motion graphics toolset, right from their timelines! Editors can select individual clips or layers of clips and send them to Fusion. A new Fusion composition is automatically created and linked dynamically back to the timeline. You can work on the VFX and motion graphics yourself or, if you’re on shared storage, let another artist work on them for you. Once the Fusion composition is rendered, the shots are automatically updated back in the DaVinci Resolve or Avid Media Composer timelines!

Create Your Own Effects

Macros give independent artists and larger studios a fast and convenient way to create and share their own tools! Combine and group tools in Fusion, then turn them into Macros with the click of a button! To ensure consistency across the studio, choose which controls to expose and which ones to hide! For example, you can design your own super keyer that combines multiple keyers and matte clean up tools along with linking and expressions to control between multiple parameters with a single slider!

Advanced Scripting

Save time by creating powerful automated actions using scripts. Scripting in Fusion is incredibly versatile and can be done using LUA or the familiar Python scripting language. You can create a document with a list of names or a program schedule that generates text in a Fusion project, create watch folders that instantly add images into a specific composition, and even automatically begin rendering as files are updated! With scripting support in both Fusion and Fusion Studio, the possibilities are endless!