Media Express

Media Express lets you capture,
organize and playback all your project media!

Blackmagic Design Media Express on HP-z820

Media Express is included with all Blackmagic Design capture and playback solutions and is packed full of with features to that help you manage and organize your project’s video media. Media Express is designed to work with all DeckLink cards for video capture and playback! Media Express is perfect for working with applications like Final Cut Pro X and After Effects CC software that don’t capture video on their own. You can install Media Express software on every computer you use for either Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Media Express includes loads of smart features that make it simple to work with compressed and uncompressed video in 2D and even dual stream 3D! Capture and playback video with complete control!

Sw -media -express

Capture and playback video with complete control!

Compressed -and -uncompressed Compressed and uncompressed
Log -and -capture Log and capture
Playback -with -playlists Playback with playlists
1 2 3
Icn -compressed -and -uncompressed

Compressed and uncompressed

Capture from VTRs with RS-422 control or from cameras and live sources. Supports uncompressed YUV and RGB QuickTime, AVI and DPX plus compressed ProRes, DVCPRO, MJPEG formats.

Icn -log -and -capture

Log and capture

Log clips with timecode in and out points, batch capture from an EDL or import from XML. Plus you can add searchable metadata including Name, Description, Reel, Scene, Take and Angle.

Icn -playback -with -playlists

Playback with playlists

Make your own custom playlists and load a huge number of clips for playback. You can mix ProRes, DNxHD, Uncompressed YUV and RGB, DVCPRO HD and more all in the same playlist.


Managing video content has never been so easy!

Create -custom -bins Create custom bins
Pick -your -favourites Pick your favorites
Full -clip -information Full clip information
1 2 3
Icn -create -custom -bins

Create custom bins

Create as many bins as you need for organizing and managing your project media. Separate clips by day, location, take and angle. Get complete control of every video clip in every project.

Icn -pick -your -favourites

Pick your favorites

Choose the best clips and mark them as 'favorites', then apply a filter to view only these clips in your media list. Clips marked as favorites are highlighted with a yellow star for easy reference.

Icn -full -clip -information

Full clip information

Click list view to see video formats, audio channels, timecode in and out points, duration and logging information. Everything you need to know in one easy click!


Create amazing quality dual stream 3D productions!

Dual -stream -capture Dual stream capture
3d -file -indicator 3D file indicator
Preview -3d -playback Preview 3D playback
1 2 3
Icn -log -and -capture

Dual stream capture

Media Express is perfect for Blackmagic Design hardware that supports dual stream 3D capture. Create separate left and right eye files from two simultaneous HD-SDI streams!

Icn -3d -file -indicator

3D file indicator

Separate left and right eye clips are connected by a 3D indicator in either Thumbnail or Timecode list view. Now it's easy to identify 3D clips in your media list without having to find these files.

Icn -preview -3d -playback

Preview 3D playback

Left and right eye clips are played side by side in video preview to show you're working with 3D material. You can even 'swap eyes' if clips have been loaded the wrong way around.


A complete capture and playback solution!

Icn -edit -to -tape

Edit to tape

Media Express is perfect for mastering projects to decks that use tapes or disks! Use Assemble or Insert edit modes and set VTR pre-roll offsets all from within the application!

Icn -grab -frame -stills

Grab Frame Stills

Grab perfect digital quality still images in full resolution. Click the camera icon in either log and capture or playback mode to save a still frame from the video preview window.

Icn -audio -track -monitoring

Audio Track Monitoring

Audio meters display the levels for up to 16 channels of audio during capture and playback. You can turn tracks on and off during capture, playback and mastering processes.

Icn -mac -win -linux

Mac, Windows, Linux

Now you can use the highest quality video capture and playback software on every computer you work with. Install Media Express for free on all your Mac, Windows and Linux machines.