DaVinci Resolve 11


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DaVinci Resolve has a familiar, editor friendly interface with all the tools that editors need to craft the perfect story! You can trim and finish projects started in professional editing software like Final Cut Pro X, or you can start editing a project from scratch in the Resolve timeline. Whether you like to use the mouse for drag and drop editing or prefer the precision of editing on your keyboard, DaVinci Resolve is easy to learn and features all of the timeline tools professional editors need to work creatively and fast!

See Resolve’s Editing in Action

Comprehensive Editing Tools

DaVinci Resolve editing features full multi track support with fast and familiar editing tools. There are keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons to mark edit points, insert tracks, delete clips and more. You can also simply drop your clips directly into the timeline or drag clips over the edit pop up window to quickly perform insert, overwrite, replace, fit to fill, superimpose, 3 point, add and swap edits.

Context Sensitive Trimming

Quickly fine tune your edit using Resolve’s innovative context sensitive tools! Depending on where you place the cursor, you can ripple, roll, slip, slide, extend or shorten edits without changing tools. That means you can spend more time fine tuning edits instead of switching tools! Trim clips on multiple tracks simultaneously in the same direction or asymmetrically.

Mixed Format Timeline

Mix and match different formats and resolution media in the timeline all at the same time with real time sizing and playback. You can edit wide dynamic range camera RAW files or one of many camera or file codecs without having to worry about wasting time ingesting or transcoding footage or losing quality while making proxies. That’s because DaVinci Resolve will debayer and process everything in real time, regardless of the native format!

Creative Transitions

You get multiple built in real time transitions including cross and additive dissolves, wipes, dip to color, and more. Transitions can be aligned on the center of the edit, or at the start or end of the edit. You can even adjust transition duration dynamically and set ease in and out as you need. Transitions from FCP X and other editing software come in via imported XML and AAF’s and you can even use your favorite OpenFX plug-in for those extra special transitions between clips or tracks.

Transition Cross Dissolve Transition Additive Dissolve Transition Dip to color Transition Center Wipe Transition Clock Wipe Transition Edge Wipe Transition Venetian Blind Transition Cross Iris Transition Diamond Iris Transition Oval Iris

Optical Quality Re-Framing

Colorists know that DaVinci Resolve has the highest quality reframing and resize tools in the industry. Now editors can reframe shots directly in the edit page and take advantage of the amazing optical quality sub pixel image processing in real time! 4K images look incredible when resized to HD and you can even reformat older standard definition footage for your HD and 4K projects!

Optical Flow Retiming 

Changing speeds can cause undesirable artifacts like stepping shots on slow downs due to “missing frames” or that jump frame you see on speed ups. DaVinci Resolve features nearest, frame blend and a superb “Optical Flow” image processing engine that uses advanced algorithms to create in between frames in real time! That means you can always select the smoothest, highest quality retimed clips whether you create slow and fast motion speed changes and it’s all in real time.

Custom Titles 

DaVinci Resolve includes rich title tools for creating lower thirds, scrolling text and title cards with drop shadows, backgrounds, borders and more! Set your text position, tracking and line spacing, or adjust the stroke color and opacity to create professional looking titles. There are composite modes, title transforms, cropping tools and you can even import titles from other NLE’s. Now you can add high quality anti aliased titles to your project that look great in every resolution, even 4K!

OpenFX Plug-Ins

Expand your creative toolset with a huge variety of 3rd party plug-in effects for even more creative options! Plug-ins can be adjusted directly in the DaVinci Resolve editing timeline making it easy to create truly stunning and unique looks for your images! 

Keyframe Control

DaVinci Resolve’s advanced keyframe editor is integrated into the edit timeline so that you can see your keyframe positions directly under each clip and in context with your program! Now you can animate real time effects with keyframe precision and use the spline curve editor to modify individual parameters or groups of parameters! 

Audio Editing and Mixing

No matter if your audio files are Mono, Stereo, 5.1 or more, DaVinci Resolve lets you quickly mix your audio with full level control and fade handles for each clip directly in the timeline. You get VU meters with peak and limit indicators for monitoring playback and you can even mute and solo channels while editing. Using the built in mixer you can mix multi track audio sources, adjust levels, pan and set output channels for either clips or entire tracks. You can also adjust the audio level of individual audio tracks directly in the timeline.

Collaborate With Other Editors

You can edit directly in DaVinci Resolve or work with editors from other facilities using popular editing software like Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer, Premiere Pro CC and more! Resolve’s powerful round tripping can import and conform your sequences using everything from basic EDLs to AAF and Final Cut XML’s. That means DaVinci Resolve is the world’s most compatible post production application.