The world’s most expandable camera!

The incredibly unique expansion port provides access to a wide range of connections. You can use the included breakout cable to massively expand the camera’s features. The port is based on a standard DB-HD15 connector which is easy to buy and incredibly easy to solder so you can make up your own cables for all sorts of controls, or use the included cable for the most common types of connections!

  • 1 Ground
  • 2 S.Bus
  • 3 Analog Servo Ch1
  • 4 Ground
  • 5 Reference Input
  • 6 Power +12V In
  • 7 Ground
  • 8 Analog Servo Ch2
  • 9 LANC Data
  • 10 LANC Power
  • 11 Ground
  • 12 Analog Servo Ch3
  • 13 Analog Servo Ch4
  • 14 +5V 400mA Out
  • 15 Composite Video Out

Power Input

12V DC Jack

Reference Input

BNC Connector


2.5mm Jack

Composite Video Out

Yellow RCA Connector

Analog Servo Control x 4

Futaba J Connector

Futaba S.Bus Digital Servo

Futaba J Connector


4 analog radio remote control inputs

The expansion port provides 4 PWM inputs, as used to control analog servos on model airplanes. Mapping these inputs to features on the Micro Cinema Camera gives you an extremely low cost, power efficient way to wirelessly control your camera. Each PWM analog input operates a single channel that can drive a feature such as lens focus, iris and servo zooms. The expansion port also has 5V and 0V pins that you can custom wire to a PWM input for controlling switches or buttons. You can even use external custom controllers such as an Arduino, BASIC Stamp or Raspberry Pi for more complex control!

P3 - Ground

P1 - Signal

4 ch Receiver
Record Start/Stop
White Balance
Shutter Angle
Example of a control setup


Futaba's highly accurate
18 channel radio control system

Futaba’s S.Bus is a highly accurate, digital radio remote control system that can also be used to control servos that in turn adjust focus, iris, servo zoom or any camera setting. S.Bus is a more modern version of radio control than PWM because it uses 1 connection to control up to 18 channels. That means you can map more camera functions for remote control than PWM. Most often used for radio remote control of airplane and helicopter models, S.Bus receivers and decoders can be found in most major hobby stores online.

18 ch Receiver
Gimbal Yaw
Shutter Angle
White Balance
Roll Control
Tilt Control
Example of a control setup


The universal standard for wired remote control

LANC is a universal standard supported by hundreds of equipment manufacturers for controlling things like camera start and stop, as well as various lenses and accessories. The expansion port’s breakout cable includes an industry standard LANC connection so you can add external lens controllers for your active MFT lenses. That means, depending on your lens, you could get wired remote control over things like iris, focus and servo zooms.

IRIS +/-

Composite Video Output

Monitor a live camera feed and see status

The expansion port features composite video out so you can use low cost wireless video transmitters to get a real time camera feed. Use it for camera set up, remote focus and iris adjustments because it has overlays for camera settings. When shooting, you can use the overlays to see battery level, recording format, frame rate and to confirm that the camera is recording.

Blackmagic Micro
Cinema Camera
Video Transmitter
Video Receiver
Live Video
Feed Monitor

Reference Input

Blackburst and Tri-Sync

Synchronize the Micro Cinema Cam with all the other equipment in your studio or together in a stereoscopic rig. The expansion port includes a reference input that is compatible with tri-sync and blackburst for locking the camera to other video equipment, or syncing two cameras together when doing 3D stereoscopic shoots. Once the reference signal is provided, the Micro Studio Cameras will be frame aligned for perfectly synchronized 3D stereoscopic shooting!

External Power

Provide an external power feed to the camera

The included break out cable features a 12V DC power input connection so you can use standard power supplies or even large external batteries for longer continuous recording! The external power can even trickle charge the removable battery at the same time, so you’ll have continuous power even while you’re swapping the external batteries.

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Miniaturized digital film camera for remote use with PWM and S.Bus for use with model airplane remote controls. Includes Super 16 size sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range and RAW and ProRes recorder.


Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Accessories

LP-E6 Battery

LP-E6 Battery

Order Code: BATT-LPE6M/CAM
2000 mAH LP-E6 compatible lithium-ion rechargeable battery compatible with Blackmagic Video Assist and Blackmagic Micro Cameras.

Micro Cinema Expansion Cable

Expansion Cable

Add 12V power, reference input, LANC, composite video output, PWM and S.Bus servo connections to the Micro Cinema Camera with this expansion cable.