The incredibly small camera
that’s massively expandable

The Micro Cinema Camera is an incredibly small, super 16, digital film camera that is designed to deliver great quality HD images. The Micro Four Thirds lens mount allows you to select from a wide range of incredibly sharp, interchangeable lenses. The core body and lens mount are made out of a sturdy magnesium alloy so you get a metal core that’s incredibly light weight. The full sized HDMI output makes it easy to connect to an HD display for monitoring, while the expansion port opens the camera up to the widest variety of power, monitoring and remote control options.

Incredibly Small

The smallest camera body that still uses professional lenses

With a design only 2.57in high, 3.25in wide, 2.74in deep, the Micro Cinema Camera is as small as it can possibly be while still being large enough to have a professional lens mount allowing a wide variety of interchangeable lenses. The miniature size lets you mount the camera in unique locations, like on bike handles, hang gliders, skateboards, remote control toy cars and even on your own body for cinematic quality shots that would be impossible to get with any other camera!

65.4mm Height

2.57in Height

82.5mm Width

3.25in Width

69.5mm Depth

2.74in Depth

302gr Weight

11oz Weight

Magnesium Alloy Core

Lightweight and super durable chassis and lens mount

The core chassis and lens mount of the Micro Cinema Camera are made from the same unique magnesium alloy that’s used to build high performance racing car wheels. That means you get a super strong camera that’s also lightweight! There are two ¼ thread mount points located on the top and bottom of the camera that can be used for securely fastening the camera onto a standard mini flexible tripod, a quadcopter platform or any other custom rig that you design.

Body & Lens Mount

Active Micro Four Thirds Lenses

The lightest weight, professional lenses available

The Micro Four Thirds lens mount allows you to select from a wide range of photo quality, interchangeable lenses where you have control over focal length, aperture setting and performance. Select from fast primes, wide angles with infinite focus or even specialty lenses like macro or tilt and shift lenses. You can even control active MFT lenses remotely using the expansion port’s connections for radio remote control systems!


Completely Customizable

Create custom rigs that let you use the camera anywhere

No other professional camera allows so much customization in such a small body. The unique expansion port gives you unparalleled options for power, monitoring and remotely controlling the camera. You also have your choice of professional Micro Four Thirds lenses or you can use a lens mount adaptor to attach larger EF or PL lenses. Using both the top and bottom mount points you can securely fasten the camera into what ever rig you need.

Maximum Connections

Monitoring, audio, power, remote and more!

The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is designed to give you the maximum number of connection options in the smallest amount of space. You get a full sized HDMI connection for wired or wireless HD monitoring along with a 3.5mm microphone input that works with both mic and line level devices. The expansion port gives you an incredible number of options, all from a single DB-HD15 port! The breakout cable includes 4 PWM inputs for analog radio remote control, composite video out, power and LANC. You can even create your own custom cable to take advantage of additional features on the expansion port!

Removable Batteries

Use readily available LP-E6 batteries

For convenient, portable power you can use Canon compatible LP-E6 batteries. These readily available, rechargeable batteries snap right onto the back of the camera for long recording times! The LED indicator on top of the camera blinks when battery power gets low, making it easy to know when you need to swap batteries. For longer shoots, the expansion port’s breakout cable allows you to plug into DC power so you can plug into standard AC power or even connect to your own external batteries so you never miss a frame of the action!

Canon LP-E6Compatible

90 MinutesRecording

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Miniaturized digital film camera for remote use with PWM and S.Bus for use with model airplane remote controls. Includes Super 16 size sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range and RAW and ProRes recorder.


Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Accessories

LP-E6 Battery

LP-E6 Battery

Order Code: BATT-LPE6M/CAM
2000 mAH LP-E6 compatible lithium-ion rechargeable battery compatible with Blackmagic Video Assist and Blackmagic Micro Cameras.

Micro Cinema Expansion Cable

Expansion Cable

Add 12V power, reference input, LANC, composite video output, PWM and S.Bus servo connections to the Micro Cinema Camera with this expansion cable.